Couldn't cum when I lost my virginity

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  1. So the first time I had sex was when I was 15. My girlfriend and I at the time snuck out and went to a park and laid down tons of blankets under us and over us. I put on a condom and entered tha pusssaayyyyy. I went at it for like 20 minutes and she asked me if I had came. I said no and that it might be because of the condom (Smooth), so I took it off and kept doing my thing. We literally fucked for like an hour and a half and I COULD NOT CUM. I was totally honest about it too hahaha.

    The next day we fucked and I came in less than 5 minutes.

    So I'm not really asking why it happened, but if anyone has any theories or any similar experiences. Maybe it was because of where we were? Because the second time we were in a bed. But still, in the course of our relationship we had sex in many many public places.

    Yeah man. Hahaha.
  2. <------ virgin :(
  3. Same deal. Idk why either lol. I had bad blue balls though
  4. Yeah, it seems that for the first time, usually people either last 2 seconds, or 2 hours. For me it was the latter. Once you reach a certain point, its like your dick loses its sensitivity and it just becomes impossible to finish. For me at least :p
  5. ^That was exactly what happened. I just got pissed off and my dick became flacid. I was like "What the fuck man."

    I didn't think anyone else would be able to relate haha. I just kind of figured everyone's first time was a quickie.
  6. idk man when i lost my virginity i fucked this girl for two hours and i still didnt cum lol
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    Same here, nobody came. lol Losing my virginity was a horrible experience. The second time we fucked he came in 30 seconds... oh god
  8. I didn't cum my first time, lasted like 1.5 hours and eventually just got tired/bored. You are not alone (michael jackson voice :devious:)
  9. Were you indoors when you came? Maybe your balls hate being exposed outside.
  10. Yeah the second time was indoors. I don't think it had anything to o with being outside now that other people say they had the same experience.
  11. I came in like 1 minute my first time lol. I was so embarrassed! I kept on saying the condom is falling off and then i tried to hide the condom because it was full of cum. It was her first time too so i guess it wasn't that bad. Crazy shit you do when your 14.

  12. Maybe its just a normal thing if its your first time. Your dick must of been confused being in a vagina for the first time.
  13. I had sex with this one chick like 3 or 4 times before I first came.. and when I finally did it felt friggin amaaaazing. blew it deep inside her.
  14. Nerves, and putting yourself under pressure subconsciously has a huge effect.

    Alcohol and weed/unmentionables can also have their impact, but I don't know if any of these were factors.
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  15. Usually my first few times with a new girl I don't cum
  16. you guys must be gay
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  17. nerves.. was your first time.. lots of feelings there. excitement, nervousness, joy. not to mention the subliminal thought of not wanting to cum early. no worries bro. totally normal!
  18. We were both drunk as hell, we went at it for over an hour. Never finished.
  19. I didn't either, I was super shy and nervous. :eek::eek:
  20. yeah the first time i was so nervous that i didn't cum lol

    i was like 15 too

    i busted a majority of the rest of the times i've had sex

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