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  1. Fuck buttons, could you pull the trigger?
    Here's the scenario.  You're woken in the middle of the night
    and taken to a warehouse.  Inside there are several large men
    standing around a chair to which is tied a bloody man.
    Your hosts give you an option.  You can put a gun to this
    mans head and pull the trigger.  If you do so, you recieve
    one million dollars in non sequential cash.
    If you don't pull the trigger, the man will be tortured to death
    by the five large thugs.  You go home as though nothing
    ever happened.  You don't get one million dollars, and
    you never see the mysterious stranger again.
    Could you actually personally end someones life?

  2. Easily if they're going to torture the poor guy if I didn't. It wouldn't have anything to do with the money, but rather saving him from that misery. Although, depending on how loaded the gun was, I might accidentally take out the thugs instead.  :confused_2: If you're trying to ask whether or not I'd kill for money, the answer is no. Money isn't worth much of anything to begin with since the Nixon Shock and a million dollars sure as hell doesn't cover the cost of a human life.
  3. Yea dude. A quick death is way better then being tortured to death. Personally I would feel guilty if I didn't shoot him. 
  4. What the fuck this question is double sided; either way it's your personal fault the person dies if the other option is the guys beat him up. You chose that option for them, and both options hold you responsible for his death. Also it's like the gun option is biased because you get money, making it seem like that is already the right option.
    This hypothetical situation isn't set up well enough for me to give an answer, so I chose option C:
    I tell the thugs I will kill the guy, but then I shoot all three of them and save the man and steal the money!
  5. Yeah, I'll end that dude's misery for a million dollars.  I would expect him to do the same for me.  One million dollars isn't that much in this day and age, considering how the government would immediately take half.  But I would then get $500,000 and the dude would stop suffering.  
    I would def. do it.!
  6. i would kill him even if they didnt give me the million dollars, torturing someone to death is fucked up.
    but the million dollars would be a bonus tho.

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