Could you voluntarily live without a television set in your household?

Discussion in 'General' started by buzzmctweeds, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. No television set would mean no broadcast or cable TV and no TV connected devices like game consoles, DVD or VHS players, and/or streaming video devices like AppleTV.
  2. How much money would I make?

    I don't watch too much tv.

    So maybe.
  3. TV I can live without...barely watch it...

    My computer on the other hand...:eek:
  4. Yeah. Easily
  5. Yeah I can give it up but I would prefer it not to go :cool:
  6. I don't have cable at my house right now, doesn't bother me a bit.

    Couldn't live without the internet for too long though. :p
  7. yea to easily just cuz I mostly watch tv on my laptop anyway lol which tech isnt a television set.. :p
  8. Yeah depends on what I'm doing tho...If I'm just sitting at home then fuck no! Although if I was camping and fending for myself then I'd be too preoccupied with basic survival to give a shit about TV.

  9. So what you're saying is you could live without TV as long as the world as we know it ends. :)
  10. pretty much this lol :smoking:
  11. Yeah. Ipods son! Netflix all day err day

  12. LOL nah I go camping in the summer, so when I'm busy with nature and feeling alive TV just isnt as important vs if I had no option but to stay in(like if I had the flu,or recovering from surgery)
  13. Fuck yeah. I lived without my tv and phone for like 4 months after getting busted for unmentionables back in high school.
  14. hahahah i bet 90% of the people saying yes couldnt. i just sold mine cause i didnt want the distractin anymore. its alllll music from here in
  15. I'm always on my computer and/ or listening to music. The only time I sit down and watch TV is during the MLB playoffs.
  16. I would survive, but it would suck
  17. Im pretty sure I wouldnt want to live.
  18. Whats a tv? I could spend the rest of my life without tv
  19. I used to watch alot of shows say 4-5 years ago, but around that time my parents stopped paying the cable so I just stopped watching tv. I hadn't watch it for nearly two years and so when we got it back I never really cared to watch anything anymore. I'll use my Netflix occasionally but beyond that nothing much.
  20. Yes I could.

    I mean a TV is a TV, its not a need anymore.

    I also was recently thinking of getting rid of my TV and xbox for awhile. Take up way too much.

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