Could you use these lights to grow?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Aja, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Ok, so I found these cheap lights on craigs list...but im not sure if they are suitable to grow with. And if so, what would i do if i wanted to change to a hps for flowering?

    1000W MH High Bay Light Fixtures

    If anything would have to be altered, what would i have to do ?
  2. yes, they will work for growing. Will they work for you, I doubt it. They run on 480v, not even sure of what that is but residential housing is 220v so don't see where you'll be able to power the lights.
  3. unless if its possible to re-wire them to make the voltage compatible at home
  4. Check to see if they're multi tap. If they are you should be able to hook it up for 120v. If not, i don't see how you're going to run that.
    I recently picked up a 400w and 1000w MH off CL for 35$ for the pair. Even got bulbs!
  5. In some parts of the world it is. In the USA it's 110/120v.

    You would need to do more than just re-wire it, you would need a step-down voltage converter. But from 480v? That sounds industrial. I think you are better off finding something that doesn't require an electrician...

  6. His CL ad is in NJ. I was assuming he's on 120v lol.
    Hell... if it could even be dropped to 240v it could work.
    I'd personally find a better deal though.

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