Could you put soda in a bubbler?

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  1. I was just wondering if you could put like coke or some soda in a bong or bubbler and it would give the smoke a flavor. and then you could just wash it out after. Since i don't have either i can't try it. Thanks! :bongin:
  2. yes but itll get sticky n nasty n smell bad....just make sure u clean it out afterwards...i personally prefer vitamin water or lemonade.
  3. Yes you could, by pouring it in. but i Say DONT DO IT!. just use water. No sugar products, no alcohol, no fatty liquids.

    Just use water. and use a fruit extract, I think that works. Lemon juice works. and helps keep it clean.

    but water is the only way to go. water is the best and water is the choice.

    If you want to flavor your weed, you can go to the headshop and buy a product called "tasty puffs" add 1-3 drops onto the bowl. and now you have some flavor. but I dont recommend anything other then water based.
  4. you could. Should you? No. It will make your whole thing sticky. Believe me it's not worth it. Just use water.
  5. it might make a weird after taste for a while especially when it goes flat & gets warm...

    I was driving to a party once & didn't have any water in the car so we used some vodka & it made the smoke taste like gasoline or something... It then occurred to all of us that alcohol is flammable.... lol
  6. LOL. Stoner moment?
  7. i was smokin a water bong today with the boys and we used strawberry water and then a fizzy drink. got the boys recked but bongs dont really do it for me but it defo works anyway :eek:
  8. I throw water in mine, don't think I would go with soda though..
  9. you really think coke and weed would mix?
  10. If you like inhaling carbon dioxide. Plus it would made the bub gross.
  11. i say in a pinch just smoke it dry, soda won't do shit but make your bong nasty as hell. I personally like a drop or two of lemon/lime/orange juice. I mean like straight from the fruit though, not orange juice from a bottle as that shit is full of sugar that will make your bong sticky too. Mint extract, if you can find it, makes your hits taste awesome. My favorite
  12. i think it would leave a gross residue on the pipe. i sure wouldnt do it with mine.

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