Could you press assault charges, after agreeing to fight (verbal)lol

Discussion in 'General' started by Deleted member 97913, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. :smoking:

    tried google.. so i figured grasscity was the next best thing :laughing: and i meant verbal agreement

    Edit: ( i would never do this, im just real baked and thought of a good question LOL)
  2. Unless you got the verbal agreement on tape there is no actual agreement so legally you could do anything
  3. so if there wasnt a agreement id just stand in the octagon and get my ass whooped, yell for my lawyer and snap out of it like i was hypnotized by someone :laughing: :smoke:

    thats my way to make a quick buck :cool:
  4. really? i saw you as more of a gay prostitute guy
  5. what octagon are you talking about?
  6. just cuz ive fucked a bagel doesnt mean i like you :p stop hittin on me :cool:

    @eric, ufc or mma LOL
  7. I doubt it, I imagine you'd have to sign all sorts of forms waiving your rights. Out side of mma sanctioned fights in the street i'm not sure. I take criminal law 215 in college right now, ill ask my professor.

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