Could you imagine?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Hoodgerb, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Could you imagine meeting someone that was an exact copy of you. Like 99%, except personality wise. And you were forced to live with them?

    Personally I don't think I could. That's to much of a trip to think about haha
  2. that would be awesome, we would smoke weed and reply to posts in the absolute beginners section all day long, then go and frolic around the city and live it up.
  3. Good looking out. Way to be a douche.
  4. do you mean like me in looks sorta way only?
    i'd just start by hangin out wiht him i guess, figure out what hes about, no doubt do a bit of debating about some shit
    or would they have similar habits, desires as me?
    if he liked gettin high or drunk every once in a while, then hell yeah i'd smoke him out
  5. id like that a lot. fun will be had.
  6. Yeah they would look exactly like you but total opposite personality.
  7. oh so you guarantee they'll be exact opposites in this theoretical mindfuck?
  8. Yes haha. The idea is weird
  9. interesting philosiphising sir.

    well we'd either argue and part ways after saying fuck it
    or he'd right off be less stubborn than i and give in and worship all the ideas that are me:p
    ORi'd try hard at first and then after a while him not trying he would suddenly (after ahving agreed with me to get me off his back for so long) begin argueing back and shit would get heated for while before i missed the good times of not argueing and gave up myself, thereby walking away before agreeing with someone whos pro-tyranny or some shit
    or mayhap to start i would get him to smoke weed and then eventually he'd try and get me to quit
    mayhap my mind has thus been fucked by this thread... like someone was looking at a brain, licked their lips and seen a vagina in th center of the brain, then proceeded to fuck said brain... .gifmakers?
  10. Twin, maybe?
  11. that'd be trippy af bruh.
  12. Wait I'm confused, hows he a douche?
  13. I think itd be fun, we would take turns buying weed and get twice the job money
  14. That would freak me out
  15. Ive experienced this phenomenon
    first hand for the past 8yrs. My guys were born monozygotic (identical), mirror-image twins. Look exactly alike, but because of their very different personalities, they're pretty distinguishable.
    Some crazy shit goes on at times that can only be attributed to shared DNA.
    Yeah, they're good buds. Even though they fight at times, one can hardly function without the other.

    Sent from a remote island in the South Pacific.
  16. That's is pretty crazy. It would be neat to meet a set of twins like this. It wouldnt be such a trip growing up with the other. I just think it would be weird to meet an opposite later in life and being forced to live with them. Very interesting story though
  17. Sounds like my life right up to around 17 years of age when I moved out of home and away from my identical twin and family
  18. I can't imagine my guys living apart but hey, when you're 17-18yrs old, time's gotta come when you have to say goodbye. Sad. But true.

    Sent from a remote island in the South Pacific.

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