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Could you imagine... a DEA agent being a secret drug dealer on the side, man.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pbuilder, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Without the DEA knowing that he was. Would be crazy, dude... seriously.
  2. Wouldn't be surprised!
  3. That is like Dexter.... serial killer working in law enforcement so he knows how to cover himself up...

    If a DEA agent was a drug dealer, he would know how to not get busted, and he could probably sell off all the confiscated bud! :hello:

  4. Could you imagine that though he'd probably be busting people that he dealt to before if he was a really big dealer
  5. I wouldn't doubt it happens. Cops get paid shit
  6. Why would the DEA do that?! There's NEVER been any scandals and fraud in our wonderful government....

    Oh wait.
  7. Watch Luc Besson's Leon: The Professional. It's about a little girl whose father is killed, so she goes to live/train with a hitman so that she can seek revenge on the killer, who is none other than a drug dealing DEA agent. Good movie.

  8. The Professional FTW! My stepdad buys off a federal agent. The guy popped him back in the mid 80's on explosive charges and ran into at a party a few years later and started buying green from him. He's bought bud off of him every since.
  9. More like the show Weeds... the drug dealer is married to a DEA agent...
  10. i am certain that this has happened, probably more than once.
  11. This won't end well...

    (no spoilers for him)
  12. WEEDS, the show?
    Almost. She's married to a DEA agent.
    Btw i recommend to everyone, watch weeds :).
  13. While your at it, check out breaking bad. Bomb show. Just like weeds..
  14. Like 10000000 times better than Weeds. Weeds is a shitty fucking show. it's alright for the first few seasons, but it has always had a really downer feel to it. Breaking Bad is so much better.
  15. I agree. After season 3 of weeds it got real boring, hardly anything to do with weed anymore. However breaking bad.. I finished the whole season 4 the same day I finished the third one. It's so damn good. Prolly one of my all time favorite shows. I want season 5!!!
  16. Could you imagine a DEA agent meeting a drug dealing mom through their kid's wrestling match which ends up with him finding out she's a dealer and ends up getting killed by gang members?!

    ....oh wait...

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