Could You Grow Autos Year Round In A Greenhouse?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Grow Journals' started by RobertBaratheon, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Posted this in the greenhouse forum but got zero response.
  2. Yeah you could... But you would need  supplement lighting to keep them from flowering.. As long as it doesn't get near 32 degree i guess you would be fine in that aspect.
  3. dude... what
    either you missed the "auto" part or you don't know what you're talking about
  4. He could plant a new auto everyday year round if he wanted to...
    So take a moment and realize that you made yourself look like an idiot
    obviously you are the one who has no clue what they are talking about.... 
  5. right
    because I'm the one talking about adding light to keep an auto from flowering
  6. The reason I put 14 hours is obviously more hours the better.... Don't want them outside with 6 hours >.>
  7. dude, what are you talking about
    when autos hit a certain age, they flower.  NOTHING to do with light periods.
  8. I'm not talking about flowering... I'm talking about if he has 6 hours of light he might want to supplement his lighting... Thought that was obvious enough DAMN 
    Dude, what the fuck are you smoking, and why won't you share?
    14 hours  or 24 hours shit even 9 hours is okay but I'm saying more hours the more oz's you are going to have
    Didn't think I would have to quote myself but what the hell..
    Keep trolling man ... While I'm getting results...
  11. I dunno wtf you're blabbin on about, I never questioned that
    I just pointed out that you said adding light kept autos from flowering, go back and read your own shit before you start spewing off irrelevant facts
    At the end of the day you are going to harvest more with 12 hours of lighting than a person growing with 6 hours a lighting it's not that difficult...
    12 is MORE than 6
  13. I NEVER said you didn't, but thanks for the tip Cap'n Obvious!
    Have to be obvious to get threw to you Brah..
  15. I could probably manage a t5. I really want a greenhouse and the boss has tacitly given her approval. It would allow me to grow some of the sativa dominant stuff that takes longer to finish than these WA summers allow. Plus being able to do autos year round would be pretty cool.
    Dang now the wheels are turning.
  16. Yes you would be able to grow them. Also as stated the more light the better the yield. How much more you will get per hour of light? probably not alot. Growing autos my first time this year, so ill let you know how they go.
    btw ninja you did fuck up there. Please try to keep posts on topic. Bitch each other out in pm's. Hate when people clutter threads.
    Dude you are no boss and don't really care what you and that small grow of yours have to say
  18.  Dude you're all fired up this morning.
  19. You could even just hang a few cfls spread out over the tops of the plants and run those from sundown till whenever you see fit. The only problem I have with this method personally is, I live in town and the lit up greenhouse would scream "look at me"...."break into my grow", lol. If you live somewhere private enough, the year round greenhouse would be awesome. You may also need to look into a oil burning heater or something cost efficient like that. Fans for airflow, and maybe a co2 generator. If it was me I'd want a sulfer burner to prevent PM too. But that's if I was going all out.
    Nah bro I'm just trying to give the best advice to get the BEST return and then someone has to make a huge controversy out of it kinda typical but w/e
     But if you need any more advice I'm more than willing to help out a fellow Washingtonian 

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