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Could you get super STONED off cheap Mexican dirt weed if you smoke enough of it....?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Vollont, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. or do you need potent weed to really get stoned? Is it like with booze where more you drink whether its light beer or hard liquor the drunker you get? Or is it just take one hit thats all the buzz you get.
  2. You could probably get pretty ripped, but you might get a headache depending on the quality. But who knows, only one way to find out! I try to avoid dirty because the growers obviously don't care about quality, who knows what might be on/in it.
  3. Yes, you'll get high.

    Just pick out the glass particles before you smoke it.
  4. If you mainly smoke reggie than yes.

    If you're used to good dank, maybe not.
  5. It's like drinking a lotta beer or a few shots. Not really though because dank gives no headaches and the high lasts longer by like 30-90 minutes more
  6. No. You cant ever get to the same level of stoned as quality bud. Unless.. Make it into a potent edible and youll go into space c:
  7. Or hash.
  8. I mean, yeah dank gets you way higher, but if the Reggie is some high mids/low dank, then you can still get a good dank high going for cheaper. Dank will always come on top though :)
  9. I assume you could. It might just take lot and it might taste sorta like Mexican dirt. So there's that...
  10. Well if its somebodys first time smoking weed then yes. my friend smoked some really shit bud his first time he was super stoned
  11. I don't even get high off mids/shitty weed. Compared to some high quality cannabis.
  12. you could but id rather get super stoned of one hit then a thousand quality over quantity always
  13. You'de get more if you spun around in a circle for a while.

    Honestly, if you smoke enough you should get a buzz...won't be a clean and pleasant one however. nd bbe careful as too much schwag can cause a nasty headache

  14. :laughing:

    Agreed. You can only get so high...after that it's hard on both your head, and your wallet.
  15. You'll get high but not the same level of'll just hit the plateau and be kinda high if you have a high tolerance
  16. If the weed doesn't get you high, the battery acid will.
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