Could weed really be causing my dizziness?

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  1. TLDR: Its all important if you don't want to read it that's fine

    I will post what I did on another message board first long read

    For well over 6 months maybe even a year. I have been getting dizzy spells unlike anything I have ever experienced, It lasts 1-2 seconds tops it is like someone is grabbing my head and throwing it(99% of the time to the left) then for a few seconds after I get pins and needles all through my body. Then my heart starts racing and I have a panic attack(The heart racing could be the panic attack starting and unrelated) My blood pressure has been tested dozens of times and I have had full blood work done a general doctor has checked my nose and throat and said it was fine. The panic attacks and dizziness are unrelated because I have the attacks without dizziness more than with it in my opinion.

    I also get nausea after sometimes and if I do not take valium for the panic attacks I will ussally get more dizzy spells in a short period after.

    So for the last year doctors have been saying its because I smoke marijuana(Stupid mistake letting my GP know but it was for a different bigger problem had to be done) I have been brushing it off because I smoked for about 4 years prior 1 year of literal 24/7 smoking and doctors blame pot for everything.

    For 2 years I have literally without break been smoking 24/7 wake n bake to bong before bed. But only dizzy for a year. But today I was dry for the first time in 2 years from 10:30am to 3:40pm. I had a rough day but no dizziness.

    Then bam before 4pm I had a very small dizzy spell. To clarify this dizziness is like if you fight a sleeping tablet that is the best way I can explain it. It is nothing like the "train ride" experience you sometimes get when really high

    TLDR: Its all important if you don't want to read it that's fine
  2. your baked. Your ideas became your reality, rememeber that. It happens to me often, I think im having a heart attack, my heart starts hurting. but all you have to tell yourself is "your high" is a calm, firm voice. and it works because its true, your just paranoid.

    Deep breaths!
  3. Doubt it man, Theres heaps of serious shit that could probably cause that like a brain tumor or somthing
  4. Yep Brain tumor, Hormones, or pure stress are causing it if I had to make the call. Because I also get regular headaches which never happened during the time I had moved out of home. I come back all these health problems pop up.

    I am okay with dieing its not knowing if at any second I am going to collapse and wake up with a tube in my throat that scares me lol. I would prefer to have a tumor than not know....
  5. See another doctor. To motivate yourself, google "Acoustic neuroma" :p
    Dizziness -
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    GP's are connected through our health system any general doctor can see I smoke marijuana. I got all of those symptoms(Except I have not passed out yet) but a doctor ain't going to help me and either is 000. They do a blood test check my ears and throat and send me on my way. I have severe needle phobia to the point of near delusion so I am not getting another unless its 99% going to give me answers.

    Just made me more worried lol.

  7. A possible solution is to stop smoking cannabis until you have a correct diagnosis.:confused:
  8. Y r u afraid of needles you need to have more manly phobias like spiders or hights those r the scaryest things ever
  9. my brother use to have this but he would pass out from it they tested his blood for ever. We found out these dizzy spells are all from stress and panic attacks
  10. That's just something you can't ask me to do :). Cutting down(For example I woke 50 minutes ago and no wake n bake) but I am literally alone 24/7 and awake 19/7 at least, After handing out a few resumes all I have to do is smoke. Anyway that's not a 99% chance of finding out whats wrong but does include a needle.

    Completely irrational(Which is odd because that's not a form of needle phobia) but its okay nothing else but panic attacks scare me so I can bring the manly :).

    I would not be surprised and hope so much this is the answer. This fucking house is draining my spirit there is never any peace. But with no money or friends there is nothing and nowhere I can do or go. You could say be grateful for the roof but I did better in the KFC playground...No panic attacks developed there.
  11. i am sorry to hear that shit because it was rough for my brother he is doing better now.
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    Well I did not smoke when I woke up today and not for another four hours, Does not sound like much but the only reason I smoked was because the family was coming home and I did not want to be stressed. But my energy levels were through the roof and I was so happy I craved a bong but I did not have to have it I went for a run, Danced in my lounge room for an hour no dizziness or panic was fanastic. Even my brain was functioning better I have came up with an idea I am contemplating tonight and setting into motion tomorrow. I know it sounds silly but even my strength and coorditation improved. Landed a double varial flip, I could barely land a kickflip yesterday. I am not dissing weed for the record, Just I am not the sort of guy who can handle it 24/7 or at least not in this house :)

    Because I also have a problem with an unmentionable(Do not comment on it I want to keep my thread open for advice) I am thinking of going to rehab, Without the stress of my family I can stop drinking, smoking and taking the unmentionable. They fill your day but you are allowed to leave if needed. Then once I am clean I am going to move to the country and work on the farm with my cousin. After today I really think all my problems are stress related. I am not really asking a question just venting because GC is my only friend at the moment :p
  13. You should check into your breathing patters, and see if you're overbreathing at all..

    ..An imbalance of CO2 and Oxygen sounds like the instigator of this.. especially if you hold your hits in for a while.
  14. I do hold my hits in not for long but 5-6 seconds and I mix about 10-20% tobacco in to so that makes sense. I do hyperventerlate after some bongs, But as I have said I have been doing this for 2 years straight 24/7 could of this randomly started after years of smoking and happen for example 30 minutes after a bong?
  15. nah brah you just aint smokin it right.
  16. Weed makes me dizzy - yes?
  17. If you two clowns read the thread you would understand. But thanks for the three free bumps
  18. I'd get a gym membership or something. How is your diet? Exercise makes you feel good. And what you eat can effect your mood quite a bit IMO. Maybe start taking omega 3 and vitamins. Take a 2 week t break while exercising daily and see if you feel better. Unless you're already eating healthy and exercising already, if you are I'd see a different doctor and try to get some tests done or something.
  19. maybe if you put a real TLDR then you wouldn't get dizzy anymore.
  20. ^ Is your life that sad you have nothing better to do than critique my style of TLDR?

    Anyway thanks for the two free bumps.

    But its okay I wont need my bandwidth soon and my DDOS list is growing.

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