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Could weed growing be affordable?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Delluhsion, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Like say you only grow a small plant inside a pot at a time, would it be a lot cheaper then having an entire room dedicated to the task? If so, how much would it roughly costs? I'm not considering growing or anything, just a bit curious. :D
  2. Well it doesnt realy matter about money, but about time you can spend preparing it and keeping them alive.
  3. It costs very little to grow a single plant outdoors.. as in less than $30. Obviously if you cut corners the final product won't be as good.

  4. lol, your question is a bit hard to understand. of course, the more plants you grow, the more it costs. but growing a single plant is kind of a waste of time, unless you smoke one hit a week or something like that, lol. the main cost, after you buy equipment, is usually the power bill.
  5. Wow, so one plant doesn't even grow that much? ;o

  6. Nah man it all depends on how you grow what type of plant etc but avg is like 60 gram per plant for me. here in australia if i started a plant in august i could let it grow till the end of may and easily get over 2 pounds of bud and the plant would be over 2m tall.
  7. Well, with all the supplies needed to grow some decent buds it is a lot more beneficial to grow multiple plants. You can fit probably 4 plants under a small light, the seeds would cost an extra $30, why not pay that and get 3x more bud?
  8. Say if I begin with roughly $5,000, could I have a decent grow? Also, how much grams could I produce?
  9. Lol with 5k you can easily set up 2 rooms for growing.. You could set up a cheap stealth grow box with 500$ and grow 2-4 plants

  10. Tough to answer, but that'll get you at least 2-3kw grow, and 1lb per kw is pretty easy, though it can be doubled or halved.... if that answers your question :smoke:

    One way or the other, your investment will return to you several times over.
  11. If you yield 1oz per plant (Which you'll probably get closer to 2oz/plant), then you only need to grow 25 plants if 1 oz is worth $200 to have $5000 worth of weed. If you need help with grow supplies PM me.
  12. You could easily fit 6 plants in a closet, total cost to grow would only be a few hundred.

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