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  1. I'm opening up a small glass/seed shop downtown next month soo obviously im really excited for this! Now My location is on a very main street, but its stashed away up on the third floor. Now i figure i should kind of play on that with the name? After a little bit of thinking The Kush Attic Came to mind? Now im not even a huge Kush fan myself lol but i know lots of people are...and it just rolls of the tongue easier than anything else i can think of soo far! What do you guys think? I feel the hardcore enthusiasts would be deterred by the focus on JUST KUSH! but that wouldn't even be the case. Im the biggest sativa whore around
  2. What state are you in?
  3. Call yourself Elevators...cuz you're on the third floor and all
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    I think kush is more of tooly word but it's good business marketing because so many people think kush is the shit.

    What about "seeds on the kiln"? Since you're selling glass it shows you got both. Sounds corny but I honestly couldn't come up with anything better

  5. Call it "The Elevator" cause the place "elevates" people :D you'd also have to install an elevator of course because wtf kind of place named "the elevator" doesn't have an elevator?

  6. yea thats exactly what i was thinking! tooly is the perfect word lol but like its kinda catchy and like you said everyone loves kush.

    and the elevator is pretty cool:cool::cool:

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