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  1. hello everyone,

    here is my situation if you have a minute to hear me out as i need some advice...

    money has gotten really tight for me..

    I grow but since i can buy i got lazy.. that is until i found out i was being ripped off. i was buying a quarter of regular bud for 50 dollars. the first like year it was great. i would get one every week. then it started to where i was not meeting my guy but i was going to his location. then it got to where i would just pass by like a drive thru window. then i realized i was given more shake then buds. every now and then i would check. well long story short the last one i got i was so disappointed i decied to stop buying and grow as i do best but without being lazy.

    So i got 6 babies going now of bag seed and it will take about 3 months before i am set. sooo... money is very tight i cannot buy. i have a relative that gets really good high grade bud but cannot afford that.

    So the other night i realized i have an extra ps3 that i thought died but did not just needed a new harddrive. so i put it in the ps3 and it worked!!!!

    I was gonna go to a pawn shop to sell it but thought of my relative.. after speaking to the relative i was told by this person we can work something out since i thought to check with the realtive before getting rid of this ps3 at a pawn shop. i upraded the ps3 80 gig to a 320gig harddrive.

    i get a call from the relative and person seems excited now, i asked for a full ounce to trade the ps3 since i have a newer one now. but that cannot happen so i can only get the high grade marijuanna. but my question is this if the person sells high grade at $20 dollars a gram if i offer the ps3 for a quarter of this high grade am i stupid? how much shouls i get for trading>? i think i am gonna get more than the 100 at pawn shop but if i can trade that is grade...

    but i need this to last what do i do ??
  2. wow. just realized what i meant to ask is should i get more than a quarter of high greade bud for this trade?
  3. Definitely more than a quarter dude. Around here a gram is about $25 (Australian prices, I know). So a quarter at that rate is about $100. I know a quarter isn't 4 grams but it's a slowing price rate. I'd ask for a little more (like a quarter and a half, whatever that is?) or sell it to the pawn shop.
  4. I would ask for more.
  5. Well over here in canada a gram is 10$ for shit grade or great weed but uh over the years i noticed that selling shit just for some herb is not worth it in the long run and you'll end up regretting it but i cant tell you not too because i know how hard it is sometimes when you need it most.
  6. Shoot for 3/4 oz to start, that way, a half oz doesn't sound too bad to him in the end, if he wants a PS3 he should be equally willing to meet some kind of agreement.

    I know a lot of folks who act like the person is doing them a huge favor, when they are just as excited to get the PS3 as you were to get the nugs.(Sometime they may be doing you a favor in the case of family or w/e) Someone once gave me one of those mini acer laptops for an 8th because they got a new macbook. Fastest I ever bought and 8th and "used it". Few months later called again, and also has a Wii, for an 8th, because they got a PS3....Had they asked for more, I would have given it to them because I wanted the Wii and Laptop... Plus the shit was actually his and legitimately good shape, and not stolen, so that is pretty hard to come by on "the street" lol...

    Forgive my rambling story, shoot high, then after you negotiate and haggle, you'll end much higher than if you shot low.
  7. thank you guys, i am gonna tell him, why dont we go for a half ounce then because i was able to fix a second controller today as well as find 4 games i no longer play. plus a blu ray movie. I know already i wont get crap for turning the games in at gamestop but maybe like 10 bucks total. if he wont go for half an ounce then i will tell him quarter and a half. but he is funny on the phone as he doesnt like to give quantities over it. I thought he had saif 4 quarters which is an ounce but he might have just said quarter he said it too softly i think he was around people when he called me.

    maybe i will start with you said an ounce right? if he says no i will say half ounce sounds good then since your getting 4 games and a second controller pus a movie :O). if he says no then i will say maybe i should try the pawn shop lol.
  8. Totally if you want to end up at the half ounce start at three quarters of an ounce.
  9. Do not trade a ps3 for a half ounce... An ounce minimum.
  10. this is not regular bud though. it is high grade or hydro it goes for 480 an ounce! I think he gets it for like 400 an ounce though.. not regular street weed at all
  11. 480/ 4=120$ a quarter...thats insane. I guess 240$ for a ps3 is decent...
  12. i would just keep the ps3. quit being such a fuck

  13. Honestly, I bet the weed isn't even going to be as good as you're thinking. It will probably be high grade, but not the dopest dope you've ever smoked. Try to get more.
  14. This ps3 i am speaking of is actually my spare ps3 from 2009 .. i bought another when i thought this one was broke but it was the hard drive in the ps3 that went bad. i bought a new drive and it works perfect but i like the newer one i bought to replace what i thought was the broken one. i go to my brother in law in 1.5 hours.

    I was able to fix a second ps3 controller today that i am gona throw in since i have three extras. THat should sweeten the deal since he wants to play sport games on this ps3 with friends that come over :O) plus i had a spare hdmi cable and he just got a big screen hd tv! cant wait to hook it up and let him see it. i know i got me at least half an o of this stuff wish me luck lol..
  15. [ame=]dopest dope i ever smoked - YouTube[/ame]
  16. Ill give you 100 for the ps3

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