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could use help on MJ info

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Sticky Icky, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. My mom knows i smoke, she's "ok" with that to an extent but still believes all the bullshit propaganda against marijuana. She warns me i should cut down so i don't go insane... it causes cancer/emphysema... worries Im going to get into hardcore drugs like meth... she really believes in the gateway therory and it took me a while to concvince her that much of the gateway drug use therory is in most part caused by the war on drugs.

    I could use a little help gathering up some info on marijuana not to persuade my mom but to give her real information. My mom knows I smoke, I'm over 21 so she doesn't try to keep me from smoking it. I have meet a couple of her old friends, who have meth problems and I can understand her point of view on the gateway therory a bit mostly cause she has witnessed people fucking up their lives.

    I know there is tons of information on marijuana, articles, studies done. I want to gather as much info as possible with legit sources to print out and have her read. If anyone has links to legit sites i would appreciate it.

    I showed her and she believed everything on that site... i just cant have that.
  2. Show her the union. Which is basically what everyone else is going to say :p. Other than that, you can show her FAQs on erowids cannabis page, above the ignorance, NORML, or any site like that. If you google search myths about marijuana youre bound to find a page that is worth showing her.
  3. yea have her watch the union for sure. maybe have her watch reefer madness then shell understand
  4. [ame=]YouTube - The Union: the business behind getting high (2 of 11)[/ame]

    at 5:41 it sounds like the audio skips when he says bitch, doesnt at all sound like he actually said "its a bitch, but its use can be discontinued".. i might start hearing shit from her that this video is just propaganda to counter attack MJ propaganda from the gov.

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