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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by redman1992, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. I made a diy carbon filter and im wondering if this would work. I have a duct out the top of the tent and also and fan sucking air through it. Should I feel air coming out of the carbon filter? and im wondering just because if i need to make the holes bigger in my filter ( they are all pretty small but there are alot of holes) and im also worried that my fan doesnt intake air strong enough.



  2. My opinion is that this is not going to work....the best setup I know is as follows.... carbon filter inside the grow space ducted to an extracting fan which exhausts the "filtered" air to wherever you prefer (out of a window, in your house, you decide). this basically works by sucking in the air through your carbon filter... very effective..... the way I understand your setup is that you want to PUSH air through your filter and exhaust in the same room your tent is in........ I repeat, this is my personal opinion but I don't think this will work.... also if you exhaust the humid hot air in the same area where your intake air is taken then it's pretty useless..... do you see what I mean? Good luck!!
  3. I read it again and I'm confused..... are you sucking air (from outside to the inside of your tent) with the carbon filter?
  4. No I am sucking air from the inside of the tent with an intake fan and trying to make the air that gets sucked throuh the fan go up the carbon filter
  5. Get an inline fan, problem solved.
  6. then my first post is correct....I really think the way you did it you'll experience problems..... put the filter inside the tent and duct it to an inline fan that sucks out the air from the carbon filter.... if you built the filter correctly no odour should escape.....

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