could this be the source of my sound?

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  1. So a little bit back I posted with temp issues, and redid my box. I'm happy to say the temp issues are now solved but now I have sound issues. Here's a diagram of my setup:


    The red lines are sealed air tight, the yellow line represents the side of the box where I drilled roughly 286 3/16 (slightly smaller then a pencil) holes in the side. I now hear the sound of moving air. I was wondering if that could be caused by the air being forced through these small holes? I wasn't sure if its the air being pushed through the holes or just the air coming out of the filter. When I stick my head on the red line side of the filter box I hear nothing which is leading me to believe the small holes are the source of sound. I wanted to keep them small so that if anyone were to look at the holes the couldn't see inside and the filter but sound is no good either and if anything just draws attention to the box. Anyone have any ideas on how to correct this and still maintain stealth?
  2. Ive read your post a couple of times and am still confused.....

    are you pushing or pulling through your filter?

    I would think either way you may be getting wind noise through such small holes. Try covering up a bunch of them and see if the noise gets louder (forcing more air through less holes) or your fan starts to slow down.

    If you notice a difference link a bunch of the holes together to make a bigger opening. That should quite the air noise. Can you make some holes on the other side of the box and still keep negative pressure? That may help as well
  3. CnS, I am pushing through the filter. My intake is on the bottom right side of the floor, my fan sucks air from the top of the room and off the lights and pushes it through the filter and out the holes in the side of the box with the yellow line.

    I tryed covering up some and all of the holes, it is hard to hear if the fan works any harder because I have the fan in a box full of insulation to keep it quiet.

    The floors raised, I think I'll try drilling some big holes in the floor, if thats possible the filter takes up pretty much of the floor space.

    Im pretty sure the small holes are the source of sound, I mean isn't that how a whistle works heh..:smoking:
  4. yeah dp the whistle sound comes from turbulant air exiting the holes. If you have the filter "room" sealed off, cant you just open up that side of the wall? Or like you said.... drill a couple bigger holes or like I mentioned before, combine the small holes to make a bigger one.

    Remember a single 6'' intake hole is MUCH MUCH bigger than 6 1'' holes. Keep that in mind. Thats why I think you would be ok if you simply combine the holes already drilled.

    hope this makes sense!

    1 6'' hole
    6 1'' holes

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