Could this be the beginning of the New Age?

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  1. Phyllis F. Mitz: Astrology Now: Thursday's New Moon Signals New Beginnings

    found this while browsing aol, and found it to be very interesting. i found it weird though how my horoscope, capricorn, was seemingly right on the money. it talked about personality changing, and personally lately ive been much more peaceful with myself and others around me. any thoughts?
  2. well its been said that something big will happen, and there is something in the air, a shift in reality i guess could be a good way to describe it. many people are feeling it around the world, and this could be the start to something big.
  3. I agree this year has been a year of spiritual evolution for me, a year of revelations and enlightenment (I'm not saying I'm enlightened). I find it very possible that humanity does go through these Yugas and that we are entering the age of enlightenment (Satya Yuga).
    Alot of my friends and people I know have been going through the same and I have really been living a more authentic life recently, like I was asleep this whole time until a couple months ago. I can't wait to find out what happens though. Shit will be interesting.
  4. fuck man, ive been feeling extremely similar, and i am anticipating the change to the point where i just cant stand waiting.
  5. good input man lol.
    as far as i know, were entering the age of aquarius, and leaving the age of pisces. anyone unfamiliar with the ideology of aquarius, and is interested in the topic at hand, i would suggest researching it, its very interesting.
  6. It could be in the sense of something beginning is always going to be new.
  7. I too feel theres a change in this reality and so does my family. This is some real shiy
  8. I feel it to, but what lately on my mind is, is it because of the weed? Or do people who don't smoke weed feel it to?
  9. in my opinion, its solely collective conscious, and the realization of interdependence. day by day more people are tuning in to the love frequency.
  10. First, Huffington post is a crack pot source and very unreliable. Second you've grown up around the signs of the coming new age its been happening since 1776 but really kicked up during the industrial revolution. Third for those who are smart and educated can see the signs everywhere in virtually any article written by forbes or new york times. other papers and news sources are showing it aswell. It's sweeping politics and buisnesses, threatening the scientific community, health care, everything major... check out ecat and higgs boson just to start you off. you got the right idea just the wrong direction. the new age is not some bi polar ultra happyness kinda thing its been portrayed... it's a process and most likel the first sign were in it full swing is NWO.
  11. Our solar system is going to align with the center of the universe this year.
    Many say this will change the way people think, act, express their feelings, and ultimately live their lives.
    Hopefully for the better
  12. Every second has the potential to be the beginning of a New Age.
  13. to correct you, we dont know where the center of the universe is. however, our solar system is crossing the galactic plane, the "x-axis" of our milky way galaxy.
  14. New beginnings, eh?

    Does this mean Trayvon Martin's killer will actually be brought to justice?
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    as long as oprah and i still have the same birthday.
    edit: i just realized what youre talking about and i shouldnt joke about it. that shit is fucked up. zimmerman needs to be jailed until his court hearing, not enjoying freedom that the kid was robbed of. i hope this case makes more people question humanity. theres already a petition with like a million names saying he should be imprisoned. he'll get whats coming to him. honestly i hope someone shoots his bitch ass.
  16. Maybe weed makes you more perceptive to what is?
  17. [ame=]The 5th Dimension Age of Aquarius 1969 - YouTube[/ame]

  18. Is there any way to concretely say when this age of aquarius begins? Some people said its already happened, some people say its going to happen at the end of this year. others say its hundreds of years away.

    From what I've read it seems like we've taken some steps forward towards a more humanitarian society but the govt. is also taking some major steps backwards.

    Science and spirituality are still at odds so clearly we aren't there yet.

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