Could this be from a high pH?

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  1. All input appreciated. High pH (7.0/7.1) is all I can think as all other factors seem to be on point.
    Ppms- last feed runoff 150ppm
    Good air exchange in tent

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  2. [​IMG]
    Sorry buddy thats not 150ppm flush or avoid feeds for 10 days

    good luck
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  3. Maybe it's time for a new tds meter,lol. I really hope that's the issue. I'll take you at your word though. Do you think that there's any possibility that it's something else.....just being paranoid.
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  4. I'd go at least 5-7 days with no nutes

    then make up my mind

  5. Gotcha,will do. Thanks
  6. Are the leaves getting wet at all? I've heard that water droplets on the leaves can kinda have a magnifying glass effect where they concentrate the light and burn the leaves. The pattern of the burn in that last picture reminded me of that.

  7. No not at all. I think my tds meter is done. My runoff was testing low so I hit em good.
  8. Dang that's crazy, I've always mixed nutes by ml/Litre, never tried mixing based on PPM...what kind of nutes you using?

  9. Humboldt countys own for the most part. Snowstorm and crystal burst. Growing a couple new strains also so still figuring out what they can handle. My Lost Coast Hashplant is a beast,it can take just about anything. This GSC seems a bit timid.

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