Could this be alcohol withdrawal?

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    Firstly, ive never considered myself an alcoholic because i only drink at night after work. Ive been drinking about a 6 pack everynight. Well a few days back i decided not to drink and i woke up with this terrible anxiety and almost nauseous/ lightheaded feeling accompanied by mild shaking. I had to call out of work. That night i drank, and the next day i felt fine. Last night i decided to not drink again and today at work i felt super anxious and sort of sick. Went to the doctor just to get a note and didnt mention alcohol. Ive felt like shit since i got home having these terrible thoughts on the verge of crying.

    Well i just opened a beer and after a few sips i started to feel better...

    Notes: i suffer from anxiety with or without alcohol and i dont drink during the day. I never thought i was dependant until now. I know that alcohol stays in the system for about 24 hours so maybe drinking at night has been working for me in the daytime too. Im scared that i may be an alcoholic like my dad.

    Ive been drinking everynight for 2 years
  2. Also when i drink i dont get trashed per se, and i never wakeup hungover. I always wake up feeling good...except when i DONT drink
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    Honestly, it sounds like it. Withdrawal symptoms can take anywhere from a few hours up to 48 hours to show, depending on the person and their level of dependency. Anxiety, nausea, tremors, textbook withdrawal symptoms. Felt them myself when I drank, seen a lot of patients in alcohol withdrawal as well, from mild symptoms to seizure and DTs. You don't have to kill a fifth a day for your body to start developing a dependence on it.
    I used to drink quite a bit, and never really had an issue stopping, but when I did, I would feel like absolute shit the next day, and had a lot of trouble sleeping. I was a dumbass, and it took me awhile to finally add two and two on that.
  4. Fuck man...idk what to do. I really didnt wanna drink tonight but i couldnt deal with these symptoms anymore. I need to sleep. Tried smoking weed but it made things worse and i dont think it acts on the GABA receptors.

    I have a weeks vacation coming up. Should i used that time to get clean?
  5. 6 pack every night? Does alcoholism run in your family?
  6. Yes. No one in my household but my dad and a few others are. I never thought a 6 was a lot. Guess i was fuckin wrong
  7. Gotta stay strong at these times my dude. If you can't quit cold turkey you should definitely cut down.
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    You really shouldn't be drinking at all then if it runs in your family. No good could come out of it. Why are you drinking in the first place? To de stress, to help you sleep, or? I don't know- drinking everyday I don't think is good. My father would buy a 6 pack every night after work too, it eventually led to something that would kill him.
    You know alcohol actually has a negative effect on your sleep, even though it seems like it helps you pass out quick. Take care of yourself.
    Maybe cutting down would be easier on your body than cold turkey, if you have the self control that is.
  10. Fuck dude. I didnt wanna get too deep, but im sitting here in tears by myself, drinking beer. I feel like a POS
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    How many have you had? You might have an easier time trying to taper off, instead of going cold turkey. As long as you can stop drinking once you've started, I'd try to cut back prior to stopping altogether. But that's just my two cents.
    Now is as good a time as any. Physical dependence will never get better as long as you keep contributing to it. And with it, your tolerance will keep going up, and you'll likely end up drinking a little more every night, vicious cycle.
    Weed may help with the anxiety and nausea, and might help you sleep. As far as the tremors go, it might help, or make them worse. At least in my experience.
    Good luck to you :smoke:
    Edit: We all go down a wrong path or two in life. It can be easy to follow those fucked family traditions, even if it seems crazy to people. Just glad you can recognize a potential problem and want to take care of it.
  12. Im on my second one, feeling mild relief but i think the fact that i just realized im an alcoholic is fuckin with me a little bit. I wanna talk to my grandma about it but idk what to say
  13. Drinking everyday makes you an alcoholic. Doesn't matter if you start at 8am (like my neighbor) or at 5pm. If you smoke pot everyday, you're a pothead. I do like you as a blade Buddha... please for your own sake... taper. Drink 5, then 4, then 3... you get the picture... don't become a rager.

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  14. eh nothing wrong with drinking every night. it becomes a problem when you're drunk most of the day when important shit needs doing
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    i respectfully disagree sir

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  16. sounds like it man, that sucks. shakes is the really obvious sign, which you said you had. along with the other symptoms, there isnt much doubt to be had. 
  17. Taper off dude. Stopping cold turkey can be fatal in some cases. Read in to how to taper off of alcohol. Like you said, 6 drinks a night isn't a crazy amount compared to some people, but your body is obviously dependent on it. I have personally never experienced having the shakes, that would be scary man.
    You should definitely try to get clean during your vacation. I believe for tapering in your case it would be something like having 5 drinks for two nights, then 4 drinks for two nights, 3 drinks for two nights, and so on until you get to no drinks.
    I suggest talking to your doctor about it though. It is better to be safe than sorry.
    Good luck bro!
  18. my most despised addiction myth. there is no reason you cant be responsible because your family wasnt.

    you came to the point where your body became dependent. it doesnt make you bad or your decision wrong. you just need to be aware you cant do it so frequently or that may result.
  19. Just man up and deal with the withdrawals... I've done it before. It ain't fun but nothing that can't be done.

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