Could this be a female (Pic Incl)......

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  1. What do you guys think?When actually looking at them right now there thin and whiteish,clear don't know if thats the best pic but ayways just started today.....10 days into flowering...hope it gives me an awnser.

  2. Those appear to be female:) can you get a closer pic of that node though ?
  3. Yeh I'll see what I can do.......I had the camera on macro about 5 or 6 inches away.Also noobie photographer lol,you guys are great in here.Thanks for all the help so far.
  4. No problem lol I'm pretty sure she's female after looking at it again. What strain are you growing?
  5. Its bag first time,so if everything goes well.I'll totally luck out,Ill check it in the morning when the lights come on.

    This still can come out to be a Hermi?Ive probably put this thing trough some stress no doubt.

  6. Yes it could herm. But highly unlikely.
    That's a girl brotha Keep it up.
  7. Was it bagseed from mid or dank ?

    yes that is fem.
  8. Looks like a girl to me!

    I've just started my first grow with bagseed, hope I get a female too :D
  9. I think I just lucked out,it's been 10 days flowering and finally shows.Now its just controlling the smell when it comes.I know just 1 plant can get stinky,the shop up the street sells ONA in gel and liquid.Maybe I could get some when time comes.
  10. Female for sure you can see the hair in the pic.
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    Yeah....I'm so excited!!I have 1 55w cfl but its a 6700k and its not being used .I know I can use it,but will it be benifecial at all for flowering too?


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