Could the state be in real trouble?

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  1. When I first discovered Rothbard and The Mises Institute and became an anarchist, I thought my beliefs would never become mainstream. But, as (someone) pointed out, it wasn't much more than 20 years that Rothbard and others connected natural rights, economics, and anarchism. He connected them all in such a way that none had to compromise, and all are expressed to their fullest. More than that, he showed how a pure libertarian society would be practical and function much better than our current system. Only the media blackout has prevented his ideas from spreading. The media could destroy Ron Paul by showing how many of his associates are anarchists -- but they never have, because they MUST ignore it. If they have to give anarchism even one minute of air time, they know the danger is that people will start thinking. Judge Napolitano on Fox is an anarcho-capitalist -- so Fox took his show and gave him a strong supporting role, to avoid drawing attention to him while taking away his chance at spreading his views.
    But they can't censor the internet, at least not yet. They're trying, with SOPA, PIPA, and whatever else, but they haven't yet succeeded. On the internet I run into anarchists all the time -- videos supporting anarcho-capitalism have 99% thumbs up on youtube, while responses rejecting anarchy have 80% thumbs down. The internet is a revolution waiting to happen. We can and will spread dissent and we may very well suceed. It's coinciding with the collapse of their financial system. Recent attempts at new wars -- Kony 2012 and the Iran lie, among others -- which usually would work like a charm, have been thoroughly rejected recently. For these reasons, I think the state may be in real trouble. In the US, where the American Revolution established unprecedented freedoms, we may yet see another revolution -- a peaceful one, but with greater impact.
    In another few years, we may see an Anarchist March on DC. If we go right in their stronghold, telling them that we want them GONE, they will feel threatened and are sure to take countermeasures. And we all know what happens when the federal government honestly tries to prevent something -- it inevitably gets worse!
    From there, maybe we could elect a Representative, perhaps from the free state of New Hampshire, to introduce a constitutional amendment abolishing the government. Then they'd know they were in serious trouble.
    So, my hope is that the government is in real danger. It's just a hunch, but I think it could definitely happen. Maybe, just maybe, we can achieve serious limits on the government, or even get rid of it altogether.
    Any thoughts on this?
  2. Sounds interesting, not entirely sure of the plausibility, but interesting nonetheless...
  3. There always has to be a hierarchy. Someone has to be in charge and organize events/services. Its when the hierarchy feels a dominance over the people and try to control its people instead of managing the country that it becomes a problem.
  4. If the state were ever to be in enough danger where it's livelihood were actually threatened the world would be a much, much scarier place than it is now.

    Think Cthulhu in his death throws.

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