Could Someone Tell Me What Nute Problem This Is?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by humphammer, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. I'm having this problem with two of my plants. The center of the leaves seem dark green and the edges seem light green.


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  2. Looks like nute burn, the dark green is from too much N
    Says in yer history that you're growing an autoflower and "The medium is a simple soil with 10-5-5 slow release ferts" ...what does that mean? Sounds like something with time-release nutes like miracle gro. If so then yea, that might be the problem.
  3. General soil setup.. kinda like miracle grow i guess.... feeds for 3 months? So?! :/

    But the dark green seems a lil more natural for this strain.. it's the light green in the tips that i would like to know about

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  4. Like mentioned it looks like nute burn. Soils with time release nutes aren't that good for pot plants. They can release nutes when you least expect it and can really mess with the soils PH.
  5. Yeah, ... i'm learning :/..... trial and error i suppose. So, best solution would be to just flush for a couple of waterings correct?

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    In your situation I'd just monitor the ph. Those time-release nutes are tiny pellets mixed into your soil that dissolve slowly in water over 90 days. Flushing might make the problem worse, it's not like you're removing a thin film of build-up those pellets are designed precisely to not be flushed out quickly. IMO flushing that soil will either make it worse or do nothing to help, but by all means, get more opinions and use the search function, recommend looking for "flushing miracle gro soil" there's a shitload of people out there with the same exact problem you're having.
  7. Appreciate it

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  8. Forgot to ask but what are your temps at canopy level?
  9. Temps are good.... hovers betweeen 75-78... heats def not a factor i don't think. But i'm a noob at growing so i could be screwing so much up.

    The only thing i added was flowers kiss from fox farm.... the foliage spray. However, havent done that for weeks due to the flowering.....

    I really think i got fucky soil from the landscaping place. Im now assuming its like time release miracle grow in it... now i dunno what to do. Not all plants affected same way.... most have another real fucky problem that i dunno what it is... heres a pic

    So i just really feel like im failing at this grow. I know its my first and im bound to fail to an extent. I just really needee to succeed.. smh

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  10. And i'm getting worried as to exactlty when im suppose to harvest... i know its not quite time.... but im still unsure as to exactly when... i know 30x magnifier etc.. look at trichomes.. when half auburn or so...


    So.. all the long white pistil hairs should be..... um.. brown? ..all?.... just confused

  11. Whats your PH run off reading? As for harvesting your not even close yet you still have a while to go. As buds fatten up and mature they white hairs will turn orange or brown in color and start to pull back into the bud.
  12. Yeah, i know i got a while to go till harvest.. i was planning ahead.... cause i know im a tad confused with harvest.. i know its a duh moment. Just have never went through it b4 and dont wanna fuck up... my main hsrvest question is...will all the white pistil hairs be brown b4 harvest? Then 50-75% of the trichome crystals will be brown/auburn/milky?

    And i will have to get another ph tester... the "fancy" set i ordered which tests ph and a lot of other things.... but the ph dcale goes from like 9.0 down to 6.5 .... the color sugests its slightly lower then 6.5 but i dunno how much.. and i know it means a lot and needs to be specific. However, all i know is its lower then 6.5 ..... but dunno how much

  13. Yes the white hairs will change color before harvest. Also as trichomes mature they go from clear to cloudy to amber color. The more cloudy to amber ratio will give more head high then body high, the more amber to cloudy ratio will give more body high then head high. I would suggest getting a cheap digital PH tester for liquids, some calibration solution and some PH up & Down buffer solutions.
  14. I know im sounding dumb right now...but just for safety sake.... every single white pistil should be the classic shriveled brown/orange appearance? No white ones left at all? Correct?... do i sound like a total dumbass yet? My appologies... i'll slap myself.... lol

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  15. When mature and ready to harvest then yes. Some buds like at the tops of the plants tend to finish out earlier then lower ones.

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