Could someone tell me if these are flowering already?

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  1. Got 5 plants on 90 each 5500K cfls on an 18/6 cycle. This is my first grow so I'm not sure, but I'm concerned the two below are flowering early. Not even sure if that's even possible before switching them over to 12/12 with 2700k cfls. Can anyone provide me some insight? TIA.

    First plant
    2nd plant
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    Yes those are flowers. The first is female and the second is male. Are they autos?
  3. Double post. My bad.

  4. That's what I thought from the pics I've seen of the different sexes. So obviously I pull the male, but how does this happen with what I had in place? Not enough wattage? What should be my next step; move to flowering stage or can I veg some more for the other 3 without damaging the female that's already flowering?
  5. A) Nice plants
    B) Yes they are
  6. Yes they look like they've been flowering for a couple of weeks now. Get rid of the male.

  7. Nope the first is a hermi and the second is a male, OP i would just grow that hermi if those are your only plants.
  8. Never had a hermie. I thought that one flower looked funny but didn't think it looked like male flowers. Thanks for clearing that up.

  9. I have 3 more

    Considering the state of these 3, what's your thoughts on what I should do with the hermie?
  10. those are beautiful. fuck I wish mine could look like that.

  11. Thanks. Maybe one will actually be a female that will produce bud. LOL. I'm glad to see I'm at least getting good growth with the CFLs. Next time I'm paying extra and just getting the feminized seeds. The last one really took to the LST and wrapped around nicely form a nice bush.
  12. I don't think that's a hermie.
    Can you take better pics?
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    have you been vegging the entire time with cfl's?
    yeh mine are reeaallyy lanky. I'm going to have to keep them in veg until they're good enough to flower. kinda thinking of just starting over/:

  14. Well these 3 aren't showing signs of flowering yet so no telling if there male or female, i would get rid of it unless you don't mind it pollinating your other plants.

  15. It's a hermi i'm pretty sure i see male balls. But another pic would be good also.
  16. This is the best I could get with my phone. Forgive me for stating the obvious, but you can zoom in.

  17. Yes. Two 45 watt cfl's per plant. I also went the LST route. One really took to it. Three of them not so much so as a couple of the branches really shot up even though the lights were more on the side with the top not growing much preventing me from really wrapping it around the pot. The LST route might be the way to go for you.
  18. Yeah I don't think it's a hermie.

    But again a better pic would help alot.
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  20. When were they germinated? How old are they? J

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