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Could someone tell me how to make my own wooden pipe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Armored, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Because I'm currently using shit like plastic bottles, I'd like to get a more reusable piece, but don't have access to any head shops. If someone could link me to a very simple to follow guide, or type one up here, that would be excellent. I've read one, which was very unclear, and some pipe making hobbyist said it was a bad guide.

    If it could be younger persons friendly, that would be excellent.
  2. Just get a little piece of wood, I would say a 2*4 would work fine then cut it down to the size you want the actual pipe, then just drill holes for the bowl and for the pipe, it shouldn't be that hard. If you want to go all out you could use a band saw if you have one or a router and shape it into a little pipe shape, but it will work fine if it's a rectangular shape. I might do this in the near future just to do it, so thanks for the idea.
  3. While reading some threads, someone said 2x4 woods are bad, because they have harmful resins, are very soft which is not good for a pipe. Please think before you post things which could harm someone.
  4. Could I get this answered please?
  5. I carved my own pipe once, but I am by no means an expert. You can order wood online of whatever type you want if you'll just google for it. I made mine from Oak and it was pretty tough. I used a Dremel tool for most of it, but the grain wasn't easy to work with for me. That's about all I can tell you. It didn't turn out too good, so if you're not too experienced you prolly oughta stay away from that. Good luck fella:smoke:
  6. just get a piece of bamboo, and drill a hole in one end, put something as a bowl into it "socket etc.." superglue it in and ur str8 =)
  7. The only surefire way you won't get wood with sealants, pesticides and preservatives and stuff like that is if you go and chop the wood straight off the tree. Almost all the time when you buy wood from any store or commercial wood supplier they usually have chemicals in them because if not they will rot and decay. If you're really worried about it I think that if you made a pipe out of 2 by 4 and then somehow scorched it or just basically roasted it that might take care of the nasty things in it. But any type of wood besides regular plywood or 2 by 4's and other sizes are a lot more expensive, like pine, cedar, oak, all that stuff is more expensive.
  8. You can probably buy yourself a good glass bowl for $20. or less...get a good spoon. :D
  9. well If you cant go to a headshop like locally or something can't you order one offline like grasscitys or maybe some other 1? unless you dont got any money. BUT a wooden peice sounds fun to make...sorry I dont have any tips or guides for you to make one but im sure you might be able to find one on google or something
  10. I recently did this and have a thread here:

    I simply took a piece of wood that was thick enough and sawed off about a 10 inch piece. I recommend a hardwood most other woods will peel and chip.

    After that I took drill bit (you decide which size i personally wouldn't go too big) and drilled downward at a 45 degree angle. After I drilled as far as I could I took a straight rod and used it to measure the angle and depth of the hole and marked the end of it. Then using the same drill drilled in from the top till i just broke into the top of the end of the first hole. After that was done I cut out the general shape of the pipe making sure to give plenty of room in case I measured wrong. After the piece was cut out I used a large drill bit to drill the whole for the bowl making sure not to chip away too much wood and not to go through the bottom of the bowl. After that I used a sand belt to smooth and shape the pipe.

    After the bowl is shaped I used a big lighter to heat seal the bowl. I burnt the wood (burnt not burning basically dont catch it on fire) in and around the bowl till black then used a piece of cloth to wipe off the wood and repeated several times. I then used a finer sandpaper to finish off the piece.

    Hope that helps, I have not used this pipe yet (im getting a half tonight or tomorrow but it looks solid and cant wait to try it.

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