could someone recommend me a small grow tent?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by doom3crazy, Oct 6, 2010.

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    That would def do for 2 plants mate, and 2 big plants at that. So yeah, that does look a pretty good buy.

    But im same as you mate, im using a 250w mh & hps and im only ever going to grow 3 plants max and im using a secret jardin dr60.Which i think is the smallest tent you can buy, excpet the dr40 which i think is really for mother plants. But the dr60 is perfect size for my cupboard.

    Now i see the dr60 there on amazon too almost at the same price. So your getting a tent twice the size for the same money, and I know the quality jardins is some of the best.. {the mylar and zips etc,althogh i was warned to stay away from the 'street' versions.. and il pass that on}... which makes me a bit curious to the quality of that one you posted. As i think theres a lot of cheap made in china copycats out there.

    However, were only growing 2 plants here, so how much the quality of the tent will make i dont know. And like i say, that tent does look ok going by the pics and pretty good for the price.
    If i could go back and i had the choice of my dr60 or that one you posted, tbh i think i would go with yours. {if i could fit it anywhere in my house that is lol}.

    I may be wrong in this, but i think a bigger tent may need a bigger extraction fan/filter too, to move the recommend amount of air. But a 4inch may do it, if not you may have to jump up to the 5 inch. Like i say, i may be wrong and someone will clear this up for you.

    Although id wait for a few more opinions and maybe even see if anyone has bought one of these exact tents or from this company, as im pretty new here myself.
  2. I grow 2 plants at a time in my DR80 tent, with a scrog screen in there as well, and a 400W HPS. The DR80 tent is only 2.75' x 2.75' x 5.3' It handles 2 plants really well.

    That tent you linked to is not a small tent. That tent is over 6 feet tall and 4 x 4. Thats a pretty big tent. You could grow 8 to 10 plants in a tent that size easily.
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    a 2x4 tent is a nice starter size and what i use...I think the GrowLab tents are popular on here...check amazon for great prices on Mylar lined tents

    or if you are thinking smaller Htg supply has the Mothertent 51"x22"x48"..its not as tall so probably not good for HID lighting but good for Fluros

    I found if you are planning on using HID..the smaller the size you go the harder it will be to maintain temps
  4. Yeah i agree mate, a bit overkill if its just a few plants your after.
    Smaller tent = better stealth= happy days .:wave:
  5. 2 x 4 tent would be just right and provide room to grow more if you chose... Just make sure that the tent is not made of materials that are toxic to plants...;)
  6. I didnt realize how tall that tent was haha. So If i wanted to do like 2 plants max maybe 3, what kinda tents should I be looking at? I would also like to use an hps instead of cfls.
  7. Hey guys what about those of us who'd like to grow some sativa dominant strains once we get a handle on growing... If that were the case would what kind of tent do you need? How important is stealth if your growing in an apt that only you live in, inside a salmon (edit* salmon? LOL iPhone *walk in) closet?
  8. Colafarmers advice was right on. A 2 x 4 tent would be perfect. Mine is basically 3x3. 5.3 feet high. Mine is perfect for the closet its in. Any taller and it would not have slid in there due to a pole in the closet. So it works.

    Your best bet is to take a tape measure to where you want to put your tent, and measure how much space you have, and figure out how high it can be. Then you will know what size tent to buy. I highly recommend Secret Jardin tents. They are a few dollars more than the Ebay tents (which can be good, no jumping on me), but they really are superior tents. I love mine and would buy another in a heartbeat. but thats up to you.
  9. Well, if you wanna grow tall, then you gotta get a tall tent. Measure the height you want. Take account for the space the light is hanging, and the amount if space the containers will take up, and subtract that from your total height, and thats what you got to deal with. Make sure its enough to suit your needs.

    And the stealth question, well, no one but you can say how important it is. Mine is stealth as far as its in the closet, and out of view. You can hear the exhaust fan when in the room the closet is in. But I have had friends in here, and they had no idea anything was in the closet. But if you went in the closet you will be looking at a big black tent, with a squirrel cage fan and a carbon scrubber above the tent on a shelf. SO thats not too stealth. lol. :smoke:
  10. ok cooll thanks. Well ive decided to go with either the secret jardin dr60 or 80. I honestly only ever plan on doing like 3 plants max just at this point. Would that dr60 suite me ok? I want to use an hps light. thinkin like 250w. Secret Jardin DarkRoom 60 - 24 x 24 x 55.2 Inches: Patio, Lawn & Garden
  11. If you want to ever do 3 at a time, I would say the DR80. Thats what I have and I scrogged 2 plants and it got pretty full, a third would have really filled it. If you can afford the 400W go for it, a 250 will do though. You do have heat considerations. My setup is not the best. I bought a squirrel cage fan and could not figure out hot to mount it in the tent. So I have it outside the tent, on top, with ducting down in the out take hole. So it pulls the heat out, then I push it into a carbon scrubber. Its much better to pull through the scrubber, so do that of you can. But my setup works for me. My temps range from 76 - 80 with the light on.
  12. Check out its the original. I had 4 of them and still needed my closet. This is when I started 3 years ago :)
  13. I have three plants growing in that exact tent right now. Theyre pretty decent sized growing in soil, but there is still room to step into the tent and work with the plants. I love the tent, but a smaller tent that some other people are suggesting would probably be better for you. I do highly recommend the tent though. Good luck!
  14. Oh also, when I was shopping for a tent, that tent ended up being around the same price or cheaper than most of the smaller tents. To me it was an easy choice because I eventually wanted to expand my grows, which is something to keep in mind. Again, good luck.
  15. Well I live in a basement, so my tent would be near my window. So besides getting normal air from fans on the inside of the tent, id leave my window open to help more. But because of cost I think im gonna go with the dr60. So with that said.....

    Should I be able to fit 2 plants in the tent and flower em and shit and get a decent amount of buds? I dont think im gonna try a scrog quite yet. Ill prob top it tho a couple times. Make it more bushier. More bud sites.
  16. Absolutely, although with the limited height of the tent, after the lights are in, and the containers are in, you may be forced to either LST or SCROG at some point so you can control their height. Good Luck.
  17. I own this tent.

    I haven't had it long (4 months) so in terms of length of ownership, I can't be sure. However, it is well made and very easy to setup and tear down.
    HTG supply is a reputable seller. On Ebay, I have seen this tent sell for as little as $50. It is usually in the 100 range. I hope this helped!

    Good luck!

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    hmm thats a good point. The dr 80 is 63 inches in height vs 55 on the dr60. Would 8 inches make a huge difference as far as possibly having to lst or scrog? Reason I ask is because the price difference for a lil bit more space is retarded -_- lol. The dr 60 on amazon is 107$. And then the dr 80 is 170$.. blah!

    I mean I did plan on either topping the plants a couple times to make em more bushy. But most likely thing I was gonna do is just only veg for a month and start into flower after that. To make sure they dont get too tall.
  19. Well, When I have my light as high as it can be in the tent (The DR80), and I have my buckets in there, the space i have available to grow in from the top of the bucket, to the bottom of the light, is 3 feet. In my tent that is 5'3 tall, I have 3 feet of vertical grow space. So if you take 8 inches from that, you would be left with a total height of your plants being 2 ft 4" tall in the shorter tent. Those plants would definitely need LST or SCROG.

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