Could someone please start a new thread in this forum

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jan 9, 2003.

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  1. ..... It seems like every time I come o Pandora\'s Box there is the same two or three threads re-popping back up.

    I think the church thread was good, but after 8000 hits I think god would want you to start a new thread or have a new service. Hell, I\'m thinking about starting my own church just to be different.

    Don\'t pay any attention to me, 4 days sober and a tough day at work rant!!!
  2. i know what you mean i want a new thread too
  3. this is a new thread :)

    god i hate being a smart ass

  5. LMAO A true smart arse.. But very true!!! This is a new thread!
  6. I said pay no attention to this thread, I had a rough day at work and was ranting and bitching. I got into an elevated vocal discussion with an employee.

    I\'m sorry for acting like a jerk.

  7. :) no apology needed. You will always have a bowl waiting here friend.


  8. I dun believe you already done that.

    After I read that the last thing I was thinking was \'gee, this guy\'s a jerk\'. If there were any reason to refrain from saying what I think I wouldn\'t come here. As many a person has said; it\'s all good man. :D


  9. So true....The Aussie prince..

    Don\'t feel guilty BPP We are not the ones whos ass you chewed off! LOL

    I hope your work get a little easier next week my friend!
  10. knockin my church?

    dont make me come over there!

  11. Oh Yeah, what are you going to do when you get over here? read some bible verses???

    Don\'t make me go Old Testament upside your head!!!! LOL :)
  12. ahh new thread..

    ill drink to that..

  13. Well erm... isn\'t this what pandora\'s box is for?
  14. butt fuckin\' cum suckin\' cunt licken mother fucker ;)

    There now we\'re even *lol*
  15. well..i was gonna say i was gonna break out my rod and staff..but that just wouldnt have sounded right.

  16. i dunno my crew at work and I go fishing once in a while
  17. ass fishing?
  18. little less ass...much more fish...
  19. Every time I go fishing, my wife takes one good sniff when I walk in the door and accuses me of running around.
  20. ...if i was gonna \'run around\'..i wouldnt do it with fish..

    or even women that smelled like them..

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