Could someone please recommend additive(s) to the Foxfarm Line?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by col forbin, May 10, 2010.

  1. Ive been growing now for close to a year, soil only, and while ive been extremely happy with my results, I feel I could still get better buds. Im sick of getting advice from local shop owners, because at times ive known they are just trying to sell me whatever they have the best profit margin on.

    I use Fox farm Ocean forest as a medium and for nutes, the whole FoxFarm line, minus Open Sesame.

    I use Superthrive, Grow Big and Big Bloom during vegg and then follow their feeding schedule by using Tiger Bloom, Big Bloom, Bestie Bloomz and Chaching in flowering. I definitely have noticed a difference after adding chaching to the mix. I always flush 7-14 days before harvest.
    Now that i have a better understanding on what exactly a plant is doing during its life cycle, could someone recommend something(s) that is NOT in the foxfarm nutes I use that would provide me with juicy, fatter, better tasting buds?

    Also, if anyone has done a comparision of Foxfarm nutes vs other brands, id love to hear, because im also open to trying a new system.
  2. i use foxfarms as well, and im pretty interested in humboldt country's own products, such as gravity and snow storm ultra

  3. Im thinking of something to make the buds taste better-i believe carbohydrates do that? I was thinking of carbs or molasses, as well as something to help the roots. Foxfarm has neither
  4. sounds like you have everything going on as far as nutes go. you say bigger juicier buds? maybe a little guano tea, more light, diff. strain. good luck:smoking:
  5. I have been using blackstrap molasses. I have read both, that it does and that it dosen't help the taste. But it is good to use regardless. It has mag, cal, iron, and other trace minerals. I use 1 tbsp per gallon every other watering. I use liquid organic nutes and don't like to mix anything with them other than water, of course. So in between waterings is just water/molasses. I don't think it has anything to do with making the buds bigger. But taste is an open debate and a matter of opinion from what I have read.

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