Could someone please explane the vape pens and what goes in them to me?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Ragnor, Feb 11, 2014.

  1.  So, I guess I am becoming a dinosaur. I keep seeing and hearing about these vapor pens. Sure Ive seen them as a ciggarette alternative, but now I guess they are all the rage for smoking cannabis concentrates.
     I must say that since I have absolutely no interest in concentrating my products any further than these ridiculous new hybrids already are. So I have not kept up with the times.
     Honestly the last cross I did was actually intended to mellow out the over the top potency of the previous cross I made. It really is stronger than I care to smoke.
     But in the interest of staying on top of the game I would like to know what is up with these vape pens and concentrates.
     I'm not a moron and I'm relatively knowledgable about chemistry and distilation, I have a handle on that part. I just brushed up on how people are making the bho and I understand all that.
     What I dont know is what the composition of the material being placed into these pens for vaporizing is. Is it bho mixed with glycols or what?
     How much concentrates go into the pen and what are they?
     How much are people paying for this stuff?
     Hows the whole scenario break down please?
    It's hard enough for the artisan to keep up with the commercial outfits as it is, now with the advent of some new fad that does away with bag apeal all together it would appear some of us old guys may have to get with the times weather we like it or not.
    Thanks for the help.

  2. I don't really know about the different types of weed concentrates, but as far as I know any waxes, oils, etc (basically anything you can dab out of a rig) works in those pen vapes and some even work with bud, even though most eventually combust.
    You can put a gram at the most.. that's for the biggest atomizers/chambers there are though, some people just put in .1 dabs at once.
    People pay between 20-100+, it really depends how much research they did in buying the cheapest/best parts cause some brands take huge profits with branded Chinese ecig parts.
    Did you wanna know how it works by "scenario"?
  3. Some vape pens can handle straight shatter/bho, while some can only take"tinctures " which consists of mixing propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin and your concentrate(shatter,wax, taffy whatever ) using the latter method, you can actually decrease the potency to your desired level, basically a mixture of 50/50 pg / vg to wax would make a mixture half as potent as what you started with. You could easily find a mixture that is exactly what you want.

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