Could Someone Look At These Trichomes Please

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  1. Hi guys, I tried taking some pics of my trichomes with handheld microscope, the resolution great but hopefully you can tell. The plants are sweets seeds blackjack auto, 13ish weeks from seed, and my first grow to reach this stage.
    The trichomes all look pretty milky with a few amber headed ones here and there, although It doesn't seem to show up well with the cheap microscope, if someone could assess as to whether they are ready I would be very grateful

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  2. I'm going to quote something from an autoflower forum. If you'd like the link I can send it through a PM. The thread has pictures though, you might not be able to see them unless you're a member. I've only grown three autos, but this is what I go by:
  3. Thanks for the info, I've read the post about waiting for pistils to recede and it's pretty convincing, but I've also read very strong arguments for chopping when the trichomes are all cloudy and the plants genetics alone are responsible for the high.
    My plants seem to be pretty much all cloud with only a few amber, with loads of yellowed leaves, including bud leaves , plus a lot of leaf loss, the pistils are about 60% amber and receded but there are still some fresh looking ones too.

    I'm generally not sure which school of thought to go with, but I'm desperate to chop as my mrs is getting really pissed off with the tent and wants it down ASAP, this alsoeans that I'm gonna have to dry the buds in paper bags in a cupboard, is that ok?

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