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  1. im using coco and I transplanted 4 days ago into a 5l from a solo cup, i give it a plain water with rhizotonic straight after transplant (was not sure if to feed). Is this normal transplant shock ? The very lower leaves are slowly turning yellow? Im new to coco. The plant is about to get a water so any opinions on what i should do, Go back to my normal feed? Ive got cal-mag but used any yet.. the plant is 2 weeks old under a 250w Hps 15inch from light thanks :)

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  2. What’s ur Ph. Most likely Ph or lack of nuts. Start 1/4 strength
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  3. Ph lvl can cause roots not to Absorb nutrients. I grow in soil. I think with coco u always gotta use nuts. Just start at 1/4 strength and work ur way up as plant grows. If ur ph is off flush with plain water then water with lite nutrients
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  4. I would do a ph test, the kits are cheap and will eliminate guessing if you have nutrient lock due to ph levels being off, although coco coir is usually in the neutral range. Also I like to mix in other amendments, including about 1/2 (by volume) of potting soil, 1/4 coir, and then equal parts of small gravel, Perlite and vermiculite.

    The weird thing I noticed about coco coir is that it tends to "seize" up and become somewhat water resistant. Water can just flow right through cracks to the bottom. So you have to make sure you slowly water it and let the moisture sink in.

    Start with a diluted organic vegan nutrient tea to about 1/4 strength once weekly. See how the plants react, if they look nice and green and there's no sign of brown tipped leaves then you can go up a little.
  5. Yeah she's fine mate. Its normal for them to be a bit grumpy after transplant.
    Get her on quarter strength nutes and invest in a ph metre. Ppm metre is always handy too.
    It's coco so your best to feed nutes every time. I give just water every 10 days or so to avoid buildups.
    Start at quarter strength nutes. Once bits start turning yellow after a couple weeks crank it up to half strength. You don't need any higher than that.

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  6. Never plain water in coco. It messes with the cations. Coco steals magnesium and calcium ions, making them unavailable to thenplant until the cations of the coco is full. This is why we precharge or buy precharged coco.

    I would recommend to OP to mix more Perlite into the coco and feed daily with 1/4 strength base nutes. A little Superthrive and root booster to help transplant along wouldn’t hurt either.
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  7. Ph should be a range of 5.7 to 6.3. Here’s a nutrient uptake chart to show why. There’s a fine line at the 6.0 ph mark that some nutrients aren’t absorbed higher or lower. If you cover both sides of this range, you lessen your chances of locking out.

    Always feed to waste, about 20%, to keep salts from building up in coco. Add Drip Clean to your nutes to help even more.
  8. PERLITE 50%
    She strangling to death!

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  9. ive allways ph’d to 5.8
  10. Hit that range like I stated above. Forgot he chart

  11. Im 30-70 perlite just only top layer is coco theres alot more than there looks
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  13. Ive allways Ph’d to to 5.8 mate and i struggle watering, if i water till 20% runoff wont that lead to overwater ? I feel i add too much water as it is and i hardly get any runoff thanks!
  14. That was the first plain water the plant had ever had ive allways fed it from day 1 and looked champion before the transplant, there 30-70 perlite in there just i put top Cm as coco only. thank you
  15. No, you have to feed to waste with coco, or the salts build up and burn, or cause lockout. Next time add more Perlite, it helps drain even more. I feed to waste 2-3 times daily in coco. Small pots are better too.
  16. So should i be watering that 5l pot till 20% Runoff ? I thought that would drown my plant with it been so small
  17. [​IMG][​IMG]
    That’s how your soil should look

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  18. Your not growing in soil. It’s drain to waste hydroponics. Always feed to waste

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