Could smoking pot raise testicular cancer risk?

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    I may be one of the few, but I believe cancer may be psychological. Then again, maybe an addiction to marijuana would be as well.
  2. I'd tend to get a bit more basic, and say this is probably more related to the influx of soy and HFCS in our diets, both of which appear to have nothing but bad effects on male reproductive organs.

    The scope of this study is so small, that it can not be taken seriously, unless the results are reproduced on a broader scale.

    But just in case, here's some good stuff to know, if you have testicles.
  3. I'm gonna be so pissed if this shit keeps getting posted

    I don't necessarily think it's proof positive or anything but I don't need that doubt in my mind when I'm baked and prone to paranoia already

    I'm seriously considering quitting or cutting way back
  4. I must be the only one but weed never makes me paranoid. Ever.
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    On Soy and HFCS, hopefully??

    Surely, you do know that more thorough studies have shown certain cannabinoids, and cannabidiols as having anti-carcinogenic properties, and that this study is so poorly done, and from such a small base, that it is no proof of anything, other than the ability to get some government financing to your laboratory, if you are willing to say anything negative about cannabis at all, no matter how incomplete.

    It's just something else for the war on drugs cartel people to be hysterical and misinformed about.
    Don't throw out the baby with the bongwater, in other words, these guys are admitting they don't know shit.
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    1/300 is still a scary number. :eek:
  7. It wasn't even worth the read, bring something better next time NBC. I've never been paranoid from MJ. Why should I be? There's so much dangerous shit in this world to be more paranoid about that actually has a higher chance of concerning you than anything MJ could do to you in some negative way.
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    the only way to ever get cancer from weed is from the tar. which is lung cancer or mouth cancer. and the odds of you even getting that are rediculously slim. everyone compares getting cancer to cigarettes. if you are concerned about getting cancer from smoking pot you should probably buy cloud insurance too!

    and 1/300 is .3 percent chance. and 1/5000 of the people who die of the .00333 percent of people who have it makes it a 00.0000666% chance of dieing from it.(666 kind of scares me though haha)
  9. whatever. theres also studies that show that THC reduces tumor growth and spreading of cancer. who knows. i'll still smoke it my whole life - if i feel my body is suffering from it, then ill switch to vaporizing
  10. yet another reason i'm glad i don't have balls. :D

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