Could me and my friend get in trouble for smoking?

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  1. Well obivously but heres the situation. Me and my friend smoke over the weekend, it was his first time. The next day at school(were both seniors chill) my friend went up to me and told me that this one kid ratted him out to the principal that he smoked weed over the weekend. I dont know if he ratted me out, but he ratted him out. I told him to not say any names, drink a lot of water, and let the whole situation blow over and not say a thing about it. But my question is, could we get in any sort of trouble for this? Could they drug test us? He would pass but i deffinetly wouldn't. Please help me out with some positive advice gc i can always count on you guys.
  2. A school can pretty much do whatever they want, so technically they could try to call u in the office and get you to admit you smoked, even bring cops in to try to scare you.. but as long as you dont admit to smoking your fine.

    a much more likely scenario is that you will be sent to "guidance" or whatever equivalent you have in your school, and a school psychologist will talk to you.

    an even more likely scenario is that nothing at all will happen.

    hope this helps

  3. yeah thanks.
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    Well I'll tell you what happened to my friend and I'll switch it up a bit cuz your story is a bit different. Well

    If they get your name and they think you smoked over the weekend they are first going to contact your parents; they are probably wanting to know if you went anywhere friday/saturday night and if you went out they can connect weed smoking to that, etc.. (many other reasons to contact parents). If your parents have no clue, they will put it in your parents choice either to try to get a confession or a drug test. If your DT ends up negative, you're clean. If it ends up positive or you confess, your parents probably will inform the school with their decision which will get you 2 things:

    1)Suspended from school for a bit, my friend got a week.

    2)Drug "Counseling" class, my friend says its BS, once a week for 2 hours and ur parents have to be there for the first few classes.

    and you will lose one thing:

    1) Your parents' trust. My friend is constantly drug-tested but I think they stopped recently.

    ORRRR If your parents are all cool with you smoking, then forget everything i said and in the end ulll be good.
  5. If they call you in and ask you some stuff, which
    I doubt they will. Say I will take a drug test, but you
    guys have to pay for it. And I am sure that they wont.
    And even if you do admit to it, they cant do anything to you.
    They didn't see you, all they have is someone else's word.
    But just deny deny deny.
  6. I doubt it. I highly doubt it.
    I bought a joint at school a couple years ago, and then the kid got busted with the other 2 he had. They called me in the next day, and asked why I was there i was like "nope, not a clue." Don't admit to anything.
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    they've got nothing on you.

    but you should beat the rat's ass

    Don't promote violence here, dude. -JD

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