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Could losing weight be affecting my high?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PinkieGrrl, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Hello fellow tokers! :hello:

    I have been toking several times a day for more than a year now. I have built up a lot of thc in my body. I have yet to take even a day's break.
    I noticed recently that I have been getting really stoned while smoking smaller amounts. There was a time that I had to smoke half a gram to feel good, but now I am feeling extra high after just six puffs.

    The quality of the herb hasn't changed. I have been smoking quality herbs exclusively for at least 10 months.

    The only thing that has been different is that I am losing weight. Not a lot, only two to three pounds per week, but it has been steady loss over the last 10 weeks or so. I'm losing fat, not muscle, as I am eating plenty of calories and protein.

    THC is fat soluble. Is it possible that as I am losing fat, I am releasing both thc and toxins that were stored in my fat cells, therefore making me feel higher and more tired/stoned? I feel tired and weak all the time, especially in my legs. I feel like I am losing muscle tone. I am not exercising a lot, just walking and eating a little less.

    I ask this in the Seasoned Tokers section because I feel this can be better explained by people who have years of toking under their belt. :D
  2. It sounds more like the tiredness comes from you overworking yourself. I could be wrong. Work out a bit less, maybe eat a bit less to make up for that if you still want to keep losing weight.
  3. In my experience size/weight doesn't make a difference. I'm male, just under average height but I'm also extremely skinny because of my high metabolism (medically under weight.) My tolerance is the same as (if not higher than) all of my stoner mates (we all smoke every day.)
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    1st, anytime you lose weight you will always lose muscle. This is why power lifters are fat and look like shit. more fat you have more muscle you will have. kinda like, your body naturally builds muscle to carry all that fat. once you lose weight your body doesn't need the muscle anymore to carry less weight.

    2nd who knows why you're getting high so fast ;) but be happy with it

    3rd your legs are tired maybe do to lowering cals. are you eating a higher protein diet with less carbs?

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