Could jesus microwave a burrito so hot he himself could not eat it?

Discussion in 'General' started by SugarcroN, Apr 4, 2004.

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  2. i would say yes simply because those damn microwave burritos can get so damn hot!
  3. lmao hahahahha
  4. yes we love the weed here at grasscity :)
  5. At 7Eleven he could.;)
  6. I can't tell you about jesus but i'm sure that satan would be able to, and he would. Then he'd give it to an old lady or a crippled child and laugh.
  7. hahahahaha waat!? where did that come from
  8. So, only from the best episode ever!

    Plus I needed to reinforce my understanding on this topic though opinions?
  9. ^lol

    hmmmm, well, of course not, he would have to exist first! :D ;)

  10. Yeah, the common man could. But this is no common man we're talking about. This is Jesus.

    Jesus, without a doubt, could microwave the burrito to a level where it would be too hot for the normal man to eat.

    But Jesus, he just might be able to eat this burrito.

  11. Thats a humdinginger of a noggin scratcher! lol

    I'd say yes, but then if a guy can take being beaten up and nailed to a cross, I'm sure he can put up with burning his mouth on a burrito!
  12. Depends how long it's in the mic for.... I think he could eat it if he wanted to... but if he had the choice he'd probably toss it on the ground for the dogs and say something like "too hot, I turn rock into another burrito, and cook for less time"
  13. Why would jesus eat a burrito.

    When i think of jesus, I cant see him eating a burrito. Maybe taquitos.
  14. Dude, everyone loves burritos, him and his homies used to eat em all the time back in the day.
  15. My name is jennifer lopez, and I like tacos and burritos.

    And it is a well known fact that jesus didnt like beans, they gave him gas. i maintain that christ ate taquitos!
  16. omg lol!

    never fails to amaze me lol;)

  17. shhhhhhh.... you know this topic is sacraligiously deliscious..... :p

  18. lmao, ooo yeah, deep shit goin on here;)

    so does he like it with salsa too?
  19. NO, how dare you ask!

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