could it really be this simple ?!

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  1. So i've been wanting to start growing for a while now, and the other night i was having a nice lil session in my room, and it suddenly struck me about how easy it could be ? here is what i was thinking
    1) For my first grow i was thinking autoflower which i could pick some seeds up at the headshop about 25 mins walk away, so thats the seeds sorted.
    2) I would only be growing 1, maybe 2 plants in my wardrobe is it is a tall space, and i was thinking i could attach the light to a rope, and tie the rope around the rail to vary the height away from the plant. Im not soo sure about what lights i should use, any ideas/reccomendations ?

    So after ive got my seeds/light set-up, and found a decent soil mixture, is there anything else i should do ? for auto is it really as simple as germinate the seed, then put it a plant pot in the wardrobe, put the light on a timer and just leave it ? ofcourse i will be watering it everyday/when it needs watering. Im not gonna worry too much about pH etc. as its gonna be my first grow. Is it really as simple as this ? what major things if any have i missed out ? any help or advice on anything is greatly appreciated

  2. you want soil that is high in peet moss or bone meal blood meal the right watt lights you will encounter problems on the way , learn how to reconise nutrient burn , overwatering , you will need to know whata mele and female look like you need to kno what hours the plant needs to veg and what hours you'll need to swith to when you want it to flower you will need to know when to use nutriens ect... and yeh it's my first grow to and im not to worried about ph , good luck :)
  3. you both should be worried about PH... that is where most of the problems occur when growing mj. if the ph of the medium isnt correct the roots wont pick up nutrients the plants need to thrive. if its too low/high you will lock the plant up.

  4. thanks for the soil tips man. as its my first grow im gonna buy feminised seeds just as its easier, then when i know about the plant first hand and not just pictures on the internet, ill get into regular plants and sexing and whatnot. It's autoflower, and they need approximately 16-18 hours light each day, from seed to harvest :) im keeping as simple as possible this first grow, so im not worried about nutrients too much, or the final yield, i just wanna get a feel for it, you know ?
  5. Yes -- read. It really is not that simple, and there is a lot more you need to know to ensure your success. Fortunately, all the basic stuff is covered in the sticky threads and grow guides so newbies have a place to go for answers the the fundamental questions. But you will need to educate yourself just like all the rest of us did.
  6. toasty why is it every comment you make i want to +rep? not that you dont have enough as it is :p

    listen to toasty, he knows his shit. sit down at the pc, get you something to drink and go through the stickies, journals, and the sick plants/problem forums, there is TONS of information on here that everyone that wants to grow should know before attempting to do so.
  7. best info to give someone. I've been reading the cultivation threads for months, I just harvested my first grow and I learned everything I know on GC. I've spent countles hours reading and I still have many, many more to go.
  8. believe me i've spent countless hours just reading these forums in the growing section. But as it is my first grow, id like to get familiar with the plant & the growing process before really worring about yield and how well it grows in what conditions etc.
  9. yea grasscity is definitely the place to enhance your knowledge on cultivation of damn near any plant on the planet! if your doing a small grow, like i am, in a dresser or wardrobe you may wanna look at getting a few cfls. not to repeat everyone on this thread but read, read and read, when your eyes finally bleed, wipe the blood away and keep on reading. its totally worth it. and yes listen to toasty!!! guy knows his shit
  10. Personally, I'd wonder why put the time into it and not take the extra steps to get good quality. I grow for my own personal use, and nothing more.. so I'm more of a quality over quantity type of person. I'm on my 1st grow as well, but after doing research.. .I kind of feel like everything goes hand in hand. You can't really get a feeling for growing if you are only half assing it. I mean, if you aren't going to pay attention to PH, feeding, nutrients, plus all of the other variables (C02, ventilation)... I dont think you are getting the full experience of the grow.

    I'm pretty much just rambling at this point :D... however, like I read once.. Pot isn't addictive, but growing it is. Learn and experiment with EVERTHING.. that way when a situation comes up that is not in your favor (ph, sick plants, hermies, hookers)... you'll know what to do.

  11. drummermark idk what plants you're growing, but i dont know if anyone has had a hooker problem with their grow... but if you do have that problem, get out your powda and put em back on the corner!
  12. Search for jorge cervantes(not sure of spelling) on youtube last I checked you can watch his whole grow dvd splitup if that can't help then you probably wouldn't be fit for growing anyways. But you really shouldn't have to much trouble. Good luck I did 2 onyx and 2 blue himilaya diesel both autos. Once your done and look back you will realize its not hard to grow but I was a nervous wreck the whole time but my babies came out alright.
  13. also there is a 7 part series on YouTube called "ready set grow" which will teach you damn near anything you need to know about growing
  14. thanks for all the advice so far blades, i seem to have a few days of watching grow videos ahead haha :D
  15. hahaha... those damn hookers will get ya every time!

    I pull all my videos from - you can download full books (cannibis grow bible, marijuana grow bible) and download full dvd's such as Jorge Cervantes or anything from High Times.

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