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Could it have been the bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by zachdini, Aug 11, 2012.

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    About 6 days ago I had a really upset stomach and I couldn't keep food in for a day. A few days prior to that I started to lose my appetite but I was still able to eat and function about my day; I even went to physical therapy and worked out.

    My doctor said that I have a type salmonella especially when I told him I went camping 3 weeks ago. I thought that it normally shows up quicker than 2-3 weeks but he said it's possible for it to take that long.

    I believe him that it's salmonella so I did a quick google search to see how other people reacted to smoking while recovering (today would have been my first time in 6 days since getting sick; I normally smoke almost every day but I just didn't have the energy). Turns out I found an article saying some scientists think they found that a salmonella outbreak in like the 80s was transferred by marijuana - something to do with the soil it was grown in and stuff like that.

    Now, I normally smoke for my anxiety so seeing this caused me to get a little paranoid. Then I started thinking and I remembered I just picked some new bud two days before I got sick. Supposedly I smoked this same stuff when I was camping with my friends but I'm not in a medical state so I don't know 100%.

    Now I'm anxious to smoke this strain again because it would be really nice to not get sick again. A friend of mine smoked the same stuff with me the day I got it and she didn't get sick but does that really mean anything? Am I just being paranoid and I really just got sick camping? I guess if anyone's heard of anything like this, let me know. If not just tell me I'm being crazy and I'll toke up with you guys. :)

    Edit: I'm not sure if this goes in the Q&A or in the medical section. If I should post there, let me know!

  2. I'd like to see that article before I respond any further.
  3. I would bet on camping. The report is from the 80's and no one has brought this up as a concern in 30 years.... I'll put $20 on camping.
  4. Ah, just taking a quick look - it seems like these problems were caused by improper handling and adulteration with foreign articles.
    So even in that case, it's not really "the weed".
    Kind of like food can give you food poisoning if it's been stored, cooked or handled incorrectly, cross contaminated or served at the wrong temperature.

    As you said this study was a long time ago...I don't know what technology was like back then or what kind of dodgy stuff went down, but I'd say these days that it would at least seem a little less likely to contain something that would give you salmonellosis.

    Can I ask what food you had, how you stored it, and how it was cooked/with what equipment?
    In a camping situation there's really a lot of variables when it comes to food...personally I would lean towards those being much more of a possibility.

  5. Oh yea, of course. The camping situation really makes sense and is most likely the cause. I just got a little worried, you know? All of the meat that we brought (burgers and chicken patties) was stored in a cooler which was refilled with ice each day. We cooked it on a portable gas grill before eating and the chicken patties were pre-cooked before I brought them. I was at a music festival so there were food vendors, one of which I bought some type of chicken wrap from. I'm betting it was that because we made sure to grill our food enough and the vendors were rushing to feed the huge line of people.

    Also, no running water for 3 days and being covered in mud and stuff like that is definitely a good place for germs and bugs like that to spread. It just kinda seemed weird that everything online says that you feel it about 72 hours later and then my doctor said it was caused by something 3 weeks ago. I guess my mind jumped to the most recent thing that had any plausible explanation.

    Thanks for your help. I just needed you guys to help me calm down, haha.

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