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  1. First time, long time.

    Ok so me and a friend were in his back yard smoking and I was stairing at the ground when I saw somethingTHIS (camera phone pic) I told my friend and we started looking around and found like 20 of them, heres one of the leaves

    So a while ago my friend had some seeds, from bad weed he had, and told me he was thinking about growing them. Now this was before I knew what I knew about growing and the benefits of it, so I said not to and he proceeded to throw them out the window into the back yard.

    So we thought these had to be the resulting plants do to the huge amount of rain we had got in the past weeks and the fact that there was a pen that he also had thrown out his window in the same general area.

    But with what little knowledge I have about growing I dont think that these are from the seeds but just wild marijuana plants, the bad kind thats not for getting high. But like I said I dont know much and would like your help so here are some descriptions of the plants:
    >Where they come out of the ground there are 2 stems, like there are 2 plants right next to each other. And this is for all of them not just a couple.

    >They are really hairy, not like trichromes they're fuzzy. On the stems and leaves.

    If you guys could give me your expert opinions it would be great. Oh and we found out that the yard would be maintained by landscapers during the summer so he and his girlfriend transplanted them into pots.

    TL/H : DR - Found a bunch of these (camera phone pic) leave In friends backyard, in the location where the seeds he threw out his window would be. They have what looks like 2 stems and are really fuzzy, are they the good kind of marijuana plants or just wild non potent marijuana???
  2. Other than ripping off a leaf it looks like everythings going well.

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