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  1. high there!, I am trying to keep my indoor cupboard arrangement as simple as possible,i have a fan that blows fresh air in to the bottom of the box via a light tight tube and an outlet at the top that expels the hot air,will the air being blown in suffice for the need of a seperate fan inside the box to circulate the air over the plants(i have the inlet tube blowing over the plants at the moment) .

    Also i have sunmaster 400 watt hps,is this meant to be close to the plants or is it meant to be at the ceiling of the box,i am afraid of cooking the plants but also dont want to not get the effect of the lights if they are to far away?.

    and lastly how big do the seedlings have to be before i can put them under the lights(i have started from seed wich was germinated in the hot airing cupboard and allowed them to sprout in soil outdoors.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. put 'em in the light and keep them about 12 to 18 inches off the light to prevent frying.
  3. At the moment they are about three feet from the light! i have manged to get the temp down to under 30 degrees by installing a extractor fan(seems to be more effective than the blow job).
    everything seems to be okay i guess.
    i have only grown out doors before when i lived in a policeless country so this is all new to me.the leaves seem to be growing vertically rather than outwards ,is this normal?(i pressume towards the light).
    i just measured 1 mm growth whilst i took the dog for a walk(see i am a newbie:))

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