Could i yeild 16 oz's?

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  1. Hellow GC. I have 5 plants scroged up under a 600 watt light and have about 300 watts of CFLs on the sides. The screen is 3ft8inches by 4tf. The plants are about 15 inchess tall and are pretty evenly spaced and are all getting good light. 4 plants of violator kush and 1 plant of cheese. Can i get to the 1 pound mark?
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    You'll have to have a perfect grow to reach that mark. VK has a Yield of 450 g/m2. Cheese yields average of 250- 400g per square meter (with 600w dependent on grower, environment). Lights and environment was not listed with VK description.
    Good luck!
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    Well Things are lookin pretty dam good so far. wish i had pics. Right now my room just looks like branch after branch that are gonna be at least a quarter. Im talkin 30 branches. I have this little nug jar that i can fit about a quarter ounce when packed full. My biggest nug is 4 times as tall as the nug jar(still has all white hairs) already and they have 3 weeks more to go. Ive yeilded about 9 oz's in the past without a scrog and this grow is really startin to make me guess. It looks like its going to be so much but maybe im just getting over excited.

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