Could I Use Dr. Pepper?

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  1. I am currently out of cleaning supplies like alcohol and salt for cleaning my mini glass spoon... do I was wondering if I could just drop my spoon in a cop of DP and let it sit for a while if it would clean it... would it work?

  2. Idk go for it and tell us how it goes. If it works ill probably reconsider ever drinking dr pepper ever again but might keep a can around just for something like this
  3. Could you think of literally any reason why this would work?  Consider this and you have your answer.
  4. He's probably thinking it's like Coca-Cola, which makes a good cleaning agent and everyone knows about the penny thing.
  5. Coke is alright for a few things, but for heavy tar build up like what happens in a pipe I doubt a sugar drink would have the slightest effect.
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    Ehh... I doubt it's going to work all that well. And when it doesn't, you're going to be left with a bowl filled with resin that is saturated with sugary Dr Pepper which I wouldn't recommend smoking out of. 
    I would just scrape it out until you can get a cheap bottle of isopropyl or Simple Green or something. 
  7. Simple green was the best thing suggested here
  8. Just blast it with hot water, man
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    just go buy some alcohol!  for a forum that is supposed to be for adults, i swear i read a shit ton of fucking junior high type questions/problems
  10. dr.pepper would be the same as coke since it also has phosphoric acid, which is what mKES COKE CORROSIVE TO CERTAIN THINGS...ALSO WHY IT BURNS YOUR THROAT
  11. I would think that DP would make your piece really sticky, why many hate putting soda's in their bong instead of water... Don't know why you'd use anything but water anyways :confused_2: .
  12. I let it sit in a cup for about 20 min. After that I pulled it out and rinsed it. Looking at it nothing changed until I used a Q-tip to wipe out all the resin which came out surprisingly much easier than before.

    All in all if youre ever out of cleaning supplies and have a can of soda laying around use it and than clean it.. not as proficient as the alcohol version but still a decent the job done.
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  13. And another quick fix if you're in a pinch discovered by a fellow blade. Somebody should seriously make  thread with all of em that we've come up with over the years that this community has been here. It would be really fun to see em all at the least
  14. You can also use denture cleaner tablets.

    Get a glass or a big bowl, fill it up with hot water, drop you piece in there, drop a tablet or two and let it soak for awhile. Rise it with hot water after or even go for round two with alcohol and salt.
  15.  maybe alkaseltzer  in water in a ziplock bag with your piece?
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    alcohol and salt, isopropyl +90% & table salt. Works wonders. Like 3 bucks at the drug store? If you let your peices get really bad, soak in the alcohol over night. In the morning, new alcohol + salt in a sealed bag and shake and or scrub with cleaning utensils using salt + alcohol mixture
    The alternative is to use scalding hot water, though care is needed as you can crack your glass this way.

    Two ways to get these resins out of your pieces, increase temp to put the resin (oils) in a liquid form or to denature with a solvent (alcohol).
    Dr. Pepper is going to add to the residue on your piece.
  17.  Alkaseltzers give off gas, the bag will pop and your piece will fall, probably breaking.
  18. Dont do that.. just boil it in water
    Did you not read OP's post.  He had no alcohol or salt.  I don't know who doesn't have salt in their house but guess some people don't know about flavor in their food.
    iso, salt, and hot water method is old as fuck, everyone knows how to do it.
  20. That's gonna leave you with a sticky sugar coated spoon. 

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