Could I read the 6th without reading the 7th

Discussion in 'General' started by dpc1192, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Harry Potter that is..

    I want to read the 7th and then go back and read the 6th so I'm up to date haha, and can talk about the ending to people!

    Or would I be completely lost?
  2. You would probably be completely lost, if you read the other series, go ahead. BTW harry dies.
  3. Even if you are joking around, I hate when people fuck with me when I'm trying to read a book, especially if you don't know if its true or not... I'd fight someone over that shit.

  4. Let's not do that now, cause I already know the ending. I love to spoil people sometimes.. When they deserve it. It's common sense that the main character won't die, they make millions over that crap. :rolleyes:
  5. Actually, its not uncommon for the main character to die. It's a good way to end an epic. Sorry, but I don't personally know the ending, it's not fair for people who are trying the book and people come in with info from the leek. I accidentally clicked the other thread that didn't have a spoiler warning and got served. After reading 2500 pages of a several years worth of releases on your own, I assure you it's not a good reaction when someone spoils one of the last books. Even if its not true, it's just a good way to discourage people and piss them off. Some people take books seriously, in a way they become part of you.
  6. Yeah I understand, but don't watch ESPN someone revealed the ending on that.. It was a hotdog eating contest, and the guy who won brought up a sign that said something on it, that revealed the ending.
  7. I saw hotdog contest on TV one day and was liek wtf? Didn't watch it though.

    I've never read a Harry Potter book in my life, extremely good story, makes me feel like a little kid, but the fact it was written for kids turns me off. I need those adult elements in a story. I may start from book 5 but I don't see it happening soon.
  8. So will I be fine reading the 7th without reading the 6th?

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