Could I Pull Off Dreadlocks

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  1. Ok, so Ive been considering getting dreads for some time now, and I've more or less made up my mind to start them so, tell me if they would look stupid on me or not

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  2. I mean why not lol. Just for a heads up it's a long process. I started 3 days ago and work on them like 2 hours a day.
    But go for it!!
  3. well I got the time, I just wanted to mix things up a little, short of cutting my hair(cause fuck that)
  4. Yes, go to they have good info and make sure you go neglect/natural!
  5. its a tough look for any caucasian imo,

    but I say go for it and buzz it off if it sucks. One of my buddies tried it and thought it was cool for a week, and then promptly cut it off.
  6. I definitely think you could pull off dreads. How long have you been growing your hair btw?
  7. Duuuuuude you would look awesome with dreads!! Do it.
  8. its been a minute.
  9. wouldn't it be easier to just cut them off?
  10. Fucking go for it.

    Do it the real way though, don't go doing that braiding fake shit. The real way takes a good year or so, depending on your hair, but its sooo worth it.

    Be prepared for lots of strange looks though, people will tend to judge you more abruptly with the dreads.
  11. This is the first thing I thought of when I saw your pic.



    In all seriousness, you could pull off dreadlocks no problem.
  12. DO IT. I started locks in February and they're starting to look so damn fantastic and they're easy to maintain and you'll probably love them. I'm afro-american but I think most everyone can pull them off
  13. once again, i advise against pulling your dreadlocks off

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