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Could I please get some help writing a complaint?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Crystal74, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I am very enraged over this article I just read. California Clinic Refuses To Treat Medical Marijuana Patients - Toke of the Town

    This is not all that far from me.. Maybe a hour or so It is a small town in a rural county Wikipedia says the county had a population of 45,578. At the 2010 census and the town this place is located in had population of 2,783 at the 2010 census. I knew right away that this is a poor and rural area. For many people in this county there is no other option for medical care.

    I want to contact them and complain but do not know how to word what I want to say. I'm really bad at getting my point across and do not want to come off as a 'uneducated pot head' Is there anyone that could help me out? Something maybe I could copy and paste or re-word a little. Or if you have any pointers for me as to how to word things... I always hate to contact things like this because I feel like I hurt the cause with my way of wording things.

    thanks in advance to anyone that can help me
  2. hmmm...letter writing is good, and by all means a worthy endeavor...but how about a protest picket line?

    Get a permit to have such a protest, to be within the law, and stick to the designated area. Have cell phones handy, preset to call 911/police/news media in case 'someone' gets physical with your group.

    I also recommend having people in various surrounding spots with cameras recording every moment (several in case one or two get harassed and forced to move to a new location) Post daily clips to various internet sites, have a website with a host not in the USA.

    Basis of the protest signage, that MMJ patients paid taxes like all other people, and are within the laws of the state, and to discriminate based on mmj is illegal, immoral, unethical, and those that made that decision need to be brought up on charges....(or something else related ;))

    I'd even carry signs saying the clinics Dr staff, need to have their medical license revoked for being part of such a 'rule'.:mad:

    Good luck!:wave:
  3. make some molotov cocktails. that oughtta get your message to em
  4. Sweetie, you write it, PM it to me and I'll clean it up for you! No prob! Done it many times for a friend with learning disabilities. :)

    Granny :wave:
  5. What the city name? Read county laws on mmj to find out what will support ur argument and what will hurt it so you r prepared for the political crap that is going to get thrown at you
  6. Granny you rock... Thank you!
    Caligardener it's the city of San Andreas, California.

    People not aware of the area may think it is in southern California but it is not. It is a very small town and low population County. These people can not just decide to go to a different doctor there aren't many and this is the only game in town if you are using the state run health care.
  7. I have a feeling that it has a lot to do with the fact that pharmaceutical companies have an interest in keeping safe alternatives to their drugs out of clinics that they do business with. It all comes down to money. Do you think this doctor cares about his patients if he is telling them to come off of a natural, effective and safe alternative to the toxic, habit-forming drugs that he prescribes? I think not.

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