Could I make a published book?!

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  1. So I was smoking with my friend at his house and like usual we got high asf and just chilled.He put on some lil uzi and it was just a really chill moment,and I tend to think about crazy ideas while high and this time I thought about a plot to what could be a good book.I was blown away on how I could think about an entire book's plot in literally like a minute.So I kept thinking could this be a really good book or something that people would absolutely hate,it was just so crazy you know.....does anyone wanna know the plot? :)
  2. Let me tell you, thinking of a plot and executing it across 200,000 words (which I think amounts to about a 300 page paperback according to a stephen king book I read) are two different beasts. What's your idea? Feel free to pm it.
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    Dude maybe try a screenplay if you're interested in expressing what your thinking that way you can share dialogue with your mate and try different approaches towards a character

    Thats what im doing i have a screenplay ive started and i just write ideas down and then apply them

    I dont have fantasies about making a Hollywood movie im just enjoying the creativityof it

    And if i ever get finished i can move onto actually making it with a few friends
  4. Yeah, lay it on us.
  5. I'd suggest keeping the plot details to yourself. You will only know what's in your head when you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Brainstorming is a great tool to help you avoid writers block, however. Expand your thoughts and don't let someone take you off track with their opinions first. Best of luck with your ideas!
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