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could i just throw some weed in hot tea?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by thesandman17, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. so i got a bag of about 5 buds and im looking to get high tonight. problem is ive already been caught by my parents before and im trying to keep them from finding out so smoking it is not an option and itll be about 5 degrees snowing tonight so i cant go outside either. i wont be able to cook any edibles or microwave anything either because i cant risk any sort of smell in the kitchen. so i was wondering it would be possible to heat up the water in the kettle til its steaming hot, pour it in a mug,put some butter in it and stir it around since apparently thats helps activate or trigger the thc or whatever, quick put the tea bags in and run up and put about two buds worth in it while its still hot.
    now if this could work i have a few more questions. 1. im new to edibles and ive really gotten high only about 5 times so im no expert so would 2 buds be good? 2 i assume i would have to grind it instead of picking it and tossing it in right? 3. once it is in how long should i wait and do i need to stir it? 4. will it let off the weed aroma or will the tea block it out?

    There is already a tutorial on these forums for that.
    From what I hear, it doesn't get you that high. Don't waste your weed dude. Just smoke it later, for real.
    First things first, in the future, never make your edibles in the microwave, it's very ineffective.  What's going on in the microwave is some of the cannabinoids are spontaneously combusting and some aren't reacting at all.  What you are left with is a very inconsistent and often non-psychoactive result.
    I'll try to help you the best I can, but ultimately I recommend just going outside and braving the cold and smoking a bowl, as you'll likely be pretty disappointed with your recipe and the fact that you wasted weed.
    Unless you clarify the butter by cooking the water out of it, it is a very ineffective solvent.  Furthermore, you can't just throw the butter in the water and then throw the weed in... the addition of water is making the solvent even less effective at absorbing the cannabinoids, cooking the butter on the stove at a low temperature and putting the weed in it and stirring it occasionally for 60 minutes, and then adding it to the tea would be a lot more effective but still may not work, because butter is not the most effective solvent, coconut oil is.
    Grinding your buds always helps, as the more surface area that the plant matter is exposed to the solvent, the more solute will be absorbed, and yes, heating cannabis in most ways is going to let off some sort of aroma that will definitely be noticeable, but I wouldn't say enough so to stink up your whole house.
    One more note for you though:  edibles are not something you can make by just assuming that you're relatively right and winging it, its a science that needs to be understood and practiced before one starts to become successful at.  I don't know if it's just my body chemistry or whatever, but I've never made a successful edible;  I've winged it a few times, I've learned a lot and followed BKS recipes to a T once or twice, and I've never been successful.  I realize now that I may have missed one or two important steps that I didn't think were important that affected the outcome of the product. 
    Practice with after vape, or trimmings or something, but not with your buds from your stash if you don't know what you're doing.  Put on a few coats and some boots and go smoke in the snow, forget about the cold for a little and you'll be glad you did.
  4. I'm just wondering how he's already been caught if he's only smoked five times...Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum

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