Could I hide a grow in my closet

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  1. I am still in highschool and living with my parents do you think I could grow 1 plant in my closet or maybe my crawl space how tall does a good growing plant become and how much would it smell or cost to start growing

  2. If you grew in a closet you would either have to have low light or good ventilation. CFL's would work good for you unless you plan on ventilating the closet. You can grow the plant to your desired height and you control how big you want it to get. It shouldn't smell that bad being 1 plant and depending how close people get to that area. 
  3. Lmao no it reeks.
    Unless you went Pinky and the Brain and created like a secret compartment in your closet haha.
  4. I could do a outside grow as I have plenty of secluded woods by my house but I heard it takes a lot longer to harvest but I could also do more than 1 plant outside how long does an outdoor grow take and what would be the price difference?

  5. You have drive which is good.
    I recommend finding the PDF versions of some grow books online.
  6. A grow in your parents' house would most likely stink enough to get found before you could finish it.
    The outside grow option can work well with some research a good plan.
    IMHO, read up now and be ready for the next suitable outdoor season.
    Best of luck.
  7. Don't grow in your parents house without them knowing.
  8. Some plants don't smell much, and some stink.  Even when they don't smell much, it will at least smell like maybe someone's been smoking some weed in the house lately even if it doesn't stink like you've got your nose in a big ol' bag of weed (which it can do!)
    Growing indoors is a controlled environment, and you don't need anything more than a pot with some soil, a seed, and some household CFL bulbs.  Other stuff can be beneficial, but not essential.  Indoors you can go from seed to some weed in about 3-4 months if you have a suitable strain.  The cost is your equipment (pot, soil, seed, bulbs) and the electricity cost (
    Outdoors, you can only really grow during the right season, and you just have to wait until nature takes its course, but the sun is usually a lot better light source than some bulbs in your closet, and you can grow the plants a LOT bigger. Outdoors it could get 6 feet high, indoors in your closet more like 1-2 feet max.  You can still buy some compost to dig into the ground, but apart from that it doesn't necessarily cost you anything.
    You should read some guides and books about growing, online, and then make a plan.  It doesn't have to be an elaborate plan, but it's good to know what you're doing rather than just winging it.
  9. bad idea! do not start this without your parents consent, they will smell it! 
  10. Even if your parents don't smell it, they will notice the jump in the power bill, and if the plants smell any at all, all the clothes in that closet will too.  You'll be a walking pot advertisement.  And seriously, your parents NEVER come in your room?  Never mind the bad, bad Karma for committing a crime that can get your house seized in some jurisdictions.  Don't picture what success will look like, imagine the FREAK OUT that will come if they catch you, because that is way more likely in this situation. 

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