Could I Have Induced Hermification? Late In Flowering

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by greenleafmatt, May 26, 2013.

  1. So i'm at the end of week 11 of flowering. still waiting for amber trichomes. yesterday my power went out for a few hours and messed my timer up. The lights shut off about two or three hours before they were supposed to, and then came back on for about two hours before i came home and turned them off. this late in flowering, could it have affected anything? i don't want to have to pull her before she's absolutely ready, but i wonder if i'll have to? any advice appreciated! thanks

  2. No most likely nothing will happen takes a few days for them to notice. and You shouldnt wait for amber trichomes you want cloudy. amber means your THC has degraded and you want mostly cloudy for a nice uppy head high. THC is cloudy CBD is amber.
  3. Why do you keep poising this forum with the belief that harvesting when trichomes have turned amber is incorrect? It's a personal preference how the hell do you kno he wants " nice uppy head" second thread I've seen this is.

    Anyways. If your light went out for a few hours during dark period you can always reset by turning off for 24 hours and then starting a new 12/12. You don't have too though just a suggestion

    Could your plant hermie from the light mess up this late in flowering? Sure but I doubt it. Besides they would only just start forming by the time you chopped.
  4. amber trichs FTW!!!!!

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