Could I Have A Warrant Out For My Arrest?

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    Im pretty toasted so Ignore any grammar issues.
    So my main connect is out of town and the others are dry or just not answering their phones. So I go outside to buy a 4loko and I see one of my old connects and I asked him if he has any turns out he just re-uped and had a qp of mids on him and we find a place to make the exchange. We decide we would go to the community center and get behind the employees door that required a key but we knew a trick, we would unlock it from the bottom all community center doors were like this for some reason :devious:

    This spot was sketch aswell so we get it over with, he whips out the qp and a baggie and bags me up a dub. Then we hear a walkie talkie and before we know it a cop is walking through the door just as he put the qp away because it didn't relock for some reason. He asks us what's going on and we reply with "nothing" he says what's that in your jacket and he replys with "Your mothers panties" and books it and im not staying to get ass fucked so I book it to we split up and it was like a fucking maze it was kinda the employees HQ if you catch my drift we got lost and ran into each other then found our way out. Now im sure cameras caught us booking it and maybe there searching for us? Or am I just paranoid?

    But this spot was sketch aswell because

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  2. Hmm, Actually you do, the paperwork just arrived. :smoke:
  3. I don't catch your drift at all. 
    You're probably fine. 
  4. Who the fuck goes to a community center to trade ganja?
  5. lock your doors
  6. Well being in the middle of the city its the only spot we really got some privacy so it seemed pretty legit

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    well if you both got out of there, it's not like the cop Really knew what you were doing.
    not only that, but you think they have facial recognition software? not only that, you think they'd really waste trying to track you down over nothing? Like honeymoon said, you're probably fine.
  8. Your right the side affects of the herb may just be getting the best of me

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  9. Yeah, you are stressin over nothing. I would just not go back to that center for a little while just to be safe. For future reference your local sheriffs departments website has a thing so you can type in anyones name and it says if they have an active warrent.

  10. I make sure all of my pick ups are done outside of a police station
  11. Just go down to the police station and ask them.
  12. Na man, they wouldn't really have a reason to look for you. So you're all good. Not like you murdered somebody to where they would have to check out the cameras.
  13. they gota know who you are first
  14. I have been in almost the same exact situation. Only difference was we were in a huge strip mall in a town none of us didnt know (we met half way). 3 of us got away, me and my friend and my connect. My dealers friend got caught somehow because he ran into a bathroom cuz he is retarded. They could not catch him for anything because he did not have anything on him.
    Basically, hide the weed and whatever else you got. If u run into the cop say you have a mental disorder talking to people, social anxiety, or authority or some shit. Then they cant nab u for shit.
  15. Why do people insist on incriminating themselves on the internet? 
  16. How would the police even know who you are?
  17. You must live in a small town. In NY or L.A.  They would not have 1 cop walking in, but a fucking swat team would be showering bullets on your ass. After you are bleeding on the ground, the cops will ask "What are you doing here?"
  18. nokia 3310?
  19. Dude, how do you get apps on your Nokia 3310. Please show me mines only have the App Store.
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    Then you must live in a small town because it works nothing like that haha trust me I lived in the South Bronx and recently move uptown, its no where near small

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