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Could I get at trouble in school for this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SnowblindLeaf, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Senior year of highschool, I turned 18 early in February. Don't hate, I've been toking since 8th grade.

    Anyways, I live in Washington state, and as some of you may know, in November initiative 502 will be voted on. This would legalize marijuana for recreational use.

    One of my schools policies is "Clothing cannot have DRUG/sexual related content".

    Would I be able to wear a shirt that says "Vote yes on 502" or something? Yes, it is drug related, but it is also related to political views? IF they did try to make me change clothes, could I get them in trouble?

    I really want this law to pass!
  2. seriously...
    if you have any doubt that you could get in trouble and potentially ruin your education

    why the fuck would you ask someone if its a good idea??

    dont wear it, wear it after school. go walk around town with it on after class.
    be smarter than that bro.
  3. Use it for gym if you wish to wear it in school

  4. It wouldn't ruin my education. The most I've ever seen them do is give a detention, and that was because the shirt had vulgar words. Usually they just make them change. It isn't a big deal.
  5. [quote name='"SnowblindLeaf"']

    It wouldn't ruin my education. The most I've ever seen them do is give a detention, and that was because the shirt had vulgar words. Usually they just make them change. It isn't a big deal.[/quote]

    Then why ask us if you have all the answers
  6. yea, but wouldnt logic tell you, just wait till your out of school
    to avoid any confrontation whatsoever. i understand you believe in something
    and you may want others to agree with you, but
    sometimes you just have to avoid doing things. just wear it when u get out man.
    easiest solution.
  7. Just wear it. If someone says something tell them it isn't drug related and it's just legislature that is drug related :smoking:
  8. just do it lol no ones gonna give a shit and if they do its not that big of a deal
  9. Most teachers probably won't care enough to notice. The policy is just there to scare you. One time this kid wore a shirt of some stick men fucking in grade eight and no one gave a shit.
  10. Nah man it's part of your rights, freedom of expression. How do u guys not know this stuff
  11. If it had a picture of drug references yeah you would get in trouble, but just a shirt saying vote for a particular legal bill should in no way get you in trouble at your school, and it is freedom of expression to wear this and I would argue such if you got in any confrontation.
  12. Its a political view, regardless if that was drug related or not. If their was a bill to pass rape as legal and you wore a shirt saying Vote No on *** would they still have a problem?
  13. probably wont get in trouble, the most the school did to us when we wore "inappropriate" clothing was make us turn it inside out or get some dirty ass shirt from the lost and found.
  14. As long as it doesnt have a pot leaf and just says stuff about the bill then i doubt your school will even know what the fuck its about
  15. I'll bet a lot of the teachers and students don't even know what initiative 502 is.
  16. you lose your rights in school. how do you not know this stuff
  17. You answered your own question with the first 2 posts.
  18. Seriously? You'll be out of school in 2 months and the ballot isn't until November. Just wait until after school ends and you'll have plenty of time to wear it and spread the word.
  19. If you do it, do NOT carry weed on you the rest of the year. In fact, don't carry weed on you to school either way.
  20. I would hate wearing something in school that pretty much says I smoke weed. If people don't know I do, they don't need to know.

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